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Ana Lélia, featured. Photo: Nath Millen / Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Christmas in pandemic time: Singer Ana Lélia comments on what it was like to work together, but at a distance

Due to the pandemic, singers had to come together virtually to re-record hit songs; Artist comments on difficulties and positive aspects of remote work The work routine of many people was affected this year 2020. That of the singer and ...

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Brasília Design Store. Photo:Brasilia Design Storee.

Hot this Christmas: Brazilian design and conscious consumption

In the center of the modernist Capital Federal, um espaço reúne expoentes do Design Local Brasília Design Store Onde a pujante produção artística brasiliense ganha vitrine e convida quem ama design a apreciar e a valorizar criações com a identidade da nossa ...

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Historic Center of Planaltina. Photo: Johnatan Reis da Silva.

School Commission – Discovering Our History

The history of cultural reference sites in the Planaltina region (DF), gains records from research carried out by public school students with a view to strengthening ties between the population and the city. 2021, ...

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MAPATI Cultural Space. Photo: Mapati Artistic Association.

FREE program of courses in the areas of art and culture, promoted by Associação Artística Mapati

  A AAMAAssociação Artística Mapati abre inscrições para nova edição de programa de oficinas formativas gratuitas em parceria com o Festival Bocadim Profissão Arte Série cursos rápidos abre caminhos para inserção do público jovem nas áreas profissionais do ...

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Dance Company Transitions. Photo: Disclosure.

As in the Backyard Times

The Historical and Artistic Museum of Planaltina (map) relive the years 1980, when it was the stage for soirees and great cultural movement and where great names of the cultural scene of DF passed by, surroundings and other Sahara States are ...

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Conference Aldir Blanc - DF, Returning to society. Disclosure.

Returning to society, on the Aldir Blanc Conference

In the day 28, 29 and 30 August, o setor cultural do DF realizou a Webconferência Aldir Blanc com a finalidade de ouvir e dialogar com a comunidade cultural e de apresentar propostas e diretrizes para a execução do recurso ...

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Conference Aldir Blanc - DF, featured. Disclosure.

Conference Aldir Blanc - DF

In the days 28, 29 and 30 August the Aldir Blanc DF Conference will be held for the participation of the whole society. Civil society members of the Advisory Committee and WG of Aldir Blanc DF bring this conference, em face de todos ...

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3ª Unified Front Meeting - Lei Aldir Blanc, card. Disclosure.

Unified Front of Culture of the DF convenes a new sector meeting to discuss referrals to the Aldir Blanc Law

Third virtual meeting between cultural professionals from DF will allow urgent financial assistance to the Spaces, Cultural Institutions and Organizations in DF Scheduled to happen this Thursday, day 16 July, a partir the 19h, through virtual, the third ...

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Whoever left is someone's love, 4º Act. Photo: Ichiro Guerra.

Vigilance of cultural workers keeps spreading love

Day 29 of June, from 16h, in the Praça dos Três Poderes, performance will celebrate the Force of Love Since June 1st, every Monday evening, art, a natureza e a arquitetura de ...

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‘WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ - 4th Performance, featured. Disclosure.

‘WHO'S LEAVE IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ – 4ª Performance

4ª Performance / Silent Vigil of cultural workers will pay tribute to indigenous peoples Act will take place at the National Theater, from 5:30 pm From the 1st of June, todas as segundas-feiras do mês têm se caracterizado por performances ao ...

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