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Whoever left is someone's love, 4º Act. Photo: Ichiro Guerra.

Vigilance of cultural workers keeps spreading love

Day 29 of June, from 16h, in the Praça dos Três Poderes, performance will celebrate the Force of Love Since June 1st, every Monday evening, art, a natureza e a arquitetura de ...

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‘WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ - 4th Performance, featured. Disclosure.

‘WHO'S LEAVE IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ – 4ª Performance

4ª Performance / Silent Vigil of cultural workers will pay tribute to indigenous peoples Act will take place at the National Theater, from 5:30 pm From the 1st of June, todas as segundas-feiras do mês têm se caracterizado por performances ao ...

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Expon_line, Flyer. Disclosure.


Virtual exhibition of artists from the Federal District values ​​artistic work and allocates part of the collection, with the sale of the works, for charity Amid the pandemic caused by the New Coronavirus, o fazer artístico e cultural tem se ...

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Letter from ex-councilors and ex-cultural councilors of the Federal District

“License here to express a little more pessimism about the future of our sector, even though I really hope I'm wrong. If in the coming weeks there is indeed a huge increase in cases and deaths of Covid-19 in Brazil, such as ...

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Alternative Cultural Spaces PRESENT “Proposals Emergency Non Bankruptcy”

CHARTER OF ALTERNATIVE CULTURAL SPACES FROM THE FEDERAL DISTRICT SUPPORT IN FRONT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, It can only be realized the ideal of free human beings, free from fear and want, If ...

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“Singularity exhibition at InnGallery - Art and Design” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

The group of Brasilia artists that are already part of the rich cultural background of Brazil in the Federal District proposed the Singularity view by referring to something or someone that has the characteristic of being single, distinguished from ...

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deaf photographers expose their views and feelings at the National Museum in pioneering project in DF

Has opening in 7 May at the National Museum of the Republic the exhibition Vozes da Alma, accompanied by the launch of the catalog, with works by six deaf photographers from DF selected by the project's directors. The show has general coordination of ...

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The Master II Salon D'Armas extends registration and announces completion date

They are extended until the day 13 May Registration for the Second Master Hall Edition D'Armas. Works to compose the Hall will be on display in the Historical Museum and Artistic Planaltina (map), between days 8 June and ...

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Traces launches soirees series of EnconTraços project

Weekly schedule, which begins this Sunday in BSB Mix, It will be held throughout the year, in various regions of DF, with artistic attractions and Spokespersons of Culture In 2019 Traces decided to be even more on the streets! ...

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City Park receives great culture event, sustainability, well-being, Leisure and citizenship

"Live +" arrives to promote experiences, Uniting local trade and free activities on days 22 and 23 July, the parking lot 4 the City Park will be transformed to receive the first edition of "live +", a fitness event, Culture, leisure, ...

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