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posca pen. Photo: Disclosure.

Artists can try POSCA products for free in actions at galleries in SP

In partnership with Ecco Agency, brand seeks to generate interest in products through experimentation and encouragement of urban art and graffiti POSCA, brand of multipurpose pens that can be used on a variety of surfaces, had a growth of 13% ...

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Tribes of St. Michael, restoration. Photo: Disclosure.

Tribes of St. Michael

Schedule provides for the restoration of the world's largest historic graphite panel, in addition to workshops, workshops and artistic presentations in the São Miguel Paulista neighborhood, east side of São Paulo. Sociocultural intervention is part of the Encontro das Culturas As project. ...

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Carlos Bobi. Photo: Wet Gallery / Disclosure.

Bobi and Memories: Affective circulations, Materiality of the meeting

www.carlosbobi.com Carlos Bobi is recognized in Rio de Janeiro and internationally for his works of street art and his experimental painting that mixes realism and abstract, in which it portrays the human face and its features. People. Always rescuing the ...

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The Art of Graffiti in House Museum Ema Klabin

The backdrop Graffiti series will bring the artist Binho Ribeiro and Fragments Exhibition The Foundation Ema Klabin promotes backdrop Graffiti series that invites artists to leave their marks on the stage which hosts musical performances of the House Museum. The guest ...

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Lopes Supermarkets sponsors one of the largest graphite galleries in Brazil

The project reinforces the network's proximity to the community by valuing local culture Lopes Supermercados sponsors, in Itapevi, West Zone of São Paulo, a major project of urban art: a West Side Gallery Itapevi. The ...

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graffiti exhibition in Tiradentes Square runs until the day 6 July

Shows "Digital Grafitarte" occupies the Carioca Design Center with panels created by Juliana boil and Smael Vagner, and invite the visitor to create their own art in an interactive screen These are the last days to know the exhibition "Digital Grafitarte". ...

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The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat during 2018 in Brazil by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: The reality of consciousness, this faculty about which people chatter and are so proud of, is a sign of our imperfect development. Before ...

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Celebrities dress up the art of graffiti artist TOZ

Treading the Well with the Child Health in partnership with the graffiti artist Toz, the NGO promotes the sale of t-shirts with his unique art, online challenges and a trail in the Urca Hill to celebrate their 26 years, to ...

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Antonio Bokel launches book with your trajectory during the SP-Arte 2017

View will be released on 8 April SP Lounge, at the Bienal Pavilion, presenting one of the most exciting courses of contemporary art in Brazil. 15 years, the carioca Antonio Bokel tested almost all the possibilities of the art. ...

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Graffiti workshops and living pictures are design attractions for "grandparents and grandchildren" at Sesc

Graffiti Artists Sorocabanos, Will Ferreira and Michel Japs present concepts about Art The Sesc Sorocaba project aims to provide the experience of a different and pleasant coexistence between grandparents and grandchildren, seeking integration, joint creation and discoveries, continues ...

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