Hyper graffiti artist presents “Ancestral” exhibition at Alma da Rua I Gallery


Reference of national graffiti acts since 1997

Day 15/07 the new exhibition at the gallery Alma da Rua I begins, “Ancestral”, the artist Hyper.

Multimedia artist and self-taught, has been on the scene since 1997. It is a national and international reference, due to the themes addressed in their works. Its influences come from the native peoples, ancient cultures and science of the jungle and its power plants. A return to our origins!


“Ancestry is an incandescent arrow that crosses the ages, illuminating the dark paths where we get lost when we disconnect from the natural path and forget who we were.. It connects us directly with the hearts and work of all our ancestors who walked this land.. We carry in our DNA the legacy of generations and through this set we create our reality. Culture shapes how we see our world. Reconnection with the ancestral spirit takes us back to our purest essence. It reveals that we are family and that the Earth is our great mother and provides us with everything we need to fulfill our mission of learning and evolving in this plane.”, the firm.

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Created in 2016, Alma da Rua has already carried out more than 150 exhibitions. 90% of the exhibitions are held with artists who are active in the streets, but not only on the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. inside the gallery, works by some of the most important street art artists in the country, as Binho Ribeiro, EDMX, On board, Enivo, Honest, Pato, Cris Rodrigues, Mari Pavanelli and Gatuno, in addition to a special space that supports the graffiti movement in Brazil, with works by Dino and Cripta Djan. “The gallery is democratic”, explains Tito Bertolucci, owner and curator of Alma Da Rua.

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Sponsorship: Pabst


Alma da Rua I Gallery
Address: Rua Gonçalo Afonso, 96.
From 11h to 18h, Every day.
The artist expo goes Hyper goes to 17/08.


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