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ALERT: Testament of Dom Eugenio is stolen in Ecuador

A historical document was stolen Ecuador's Historical Archives. This is the Testament of Dr. Don Eugenio Mirror, important personality who served on the Independence process in that country, was in the 18th century. O bem cultural é descrito da seguinte maneira pelas ...

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Three moments of Landscape Painting in Brazil

A reflection on an essential chapter in the evolution of Brazilian art, It is what visitors can enjoy, among other things, in the exhibition "Three moments of landscape painting in Brazil", the National Museum of Fine Arts / Ibram / Ministry of Culture opens in ...

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A rare Italian iconography of St. Francis in MNBA

Works of important Italian collections, dating from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, reflect the most relevant stages of the representation of the art San Francisco. Show includes a virtual tour to the Upper Basilica of Assisi, Italy A few Catholic saints have ...

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Exhibition of Welsh at galleries in MNBA

marking 130 anniversary of the signing of the Golden Law, the National Museum of Fine Arts / Ibram / Ministry of Culture opens the next day 30 May the exhibition "Das Gales Galleries: representations and protagonists of black in the collection in the MNBA's collection ". On ...

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2International Congress of art Expertise (ICAE 2018). Registration open until 30/11/17 - LIMITED PLACES.

Second Edition of ICAE

International Congress of art Expertise to Givoa Consulting SRL, first company art experts of the region presents the launch of the second edition of the ICAE. This international event will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro the day ...

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Cows in the pasture of Eugène Louis Boudin. Photo: Disclosure.

Pride of the MNBA, Collection Eugène Boudin is exposed

The collection of 20 paintings of Louis Eugène Boudin (1824 – 1898) belonging to the National Museum of fine arts is the largest public institution outside of France. Its importance to art history's seminal: Boudin is considered ...

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Exhibition Rossini Perez: The cube in addition form

A landmark work in the career of writer potiguar is the motto of the exhibition Rossini Perez: The addition of the cube ", the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes/Ibram/MinC opens day 16 de Mayo, at 12:00, in room Lebreton. The beginning of the ...

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Suzana Queiroga renews MNBA accessibility project

Completing ten years of creation, the project "see and feel through touch" of the National Museum of fine arts, back to accessibility and sustainability, inaugurates a new phase: the focus now turns to the contemporary art. In this ...

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Shows with the collection of paintings of the MNBA Grondona

Multifaceted character of the 19th century, the Genoese José Estevão Grondona (circa 1783 – 1850) docked in Rio de Janeiro as a trader. In your luggage there were at least 11 paintings sold for the Crown and for the nascent Museum ...

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Marcos Duprat in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

An overview of his drawings in more than four decades of work, This is the focus of the exhibition “Memories on paper”, the artist Marcos Duprat presents at Museu Nacional de Belas Artes/Ibram/MinC, from 16 de Mayo. The ...

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