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Oscar D´Ambrosio. Photo: Disclosure.

Oscar D´Ambrosio – “The importance of social networks for artists in time of confinement”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Check out Oscar D´Ambrosio's tips to succeed in your social media posts. TIPS Six tips for the artist to deal with social networks in times of confinement. Words like novo coronavirus, COVID-19 and pandemic entered our ...

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Psychologist Vanessa Fuzatti. Photo: Disclosure.

Vanessa Fuzatti - “Psychology and Art in times of pandemic”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

At this time, where all cultural spaces and activities are public or private, where artists in all forms of expression of art and culture find themselves without the momentary possibility of publicizing their works and activities, I have noticed ...

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Virtual Exhibition “Antess do Fim” by artist Ju Yao

Curated by CAW Artist Ju Yao Works built with the internal isolation of others and the isolation of everyone with photography, audiovisual installations and verses. The world has isolated itself, moved away, disconnected and even from afar joined those who most ...

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"The power of art in times of crisis" by Edson Siquara

The importance of Beauty What is the relationship between a sense of freedom and beauty? In isolation times, with some freedom (no sense positive) to think, perhaps we can seek a foundation for human existence that can only be ...

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Exhibitions in the palm

Producer of visual arts, ADUPLA, disponibiliza catálogos em tempos de reclusão involuntária O encanto de estar imerso em meio a pinturas, sculptures, engravings and installations, as experienced in Museums, Cultural Centers and Art Galleries, está momentaneamente suspenso em razão ...

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