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Spectacle: "Depois do caos a gente se encontra". Photo: Raphaiane Costa.

Collective dedicated to the democratization of dance promotes events

The pandemic hit the culture sector across the country.. far from easy, it was with great willpower that Belas Artes Projetos Culturais created the C.R.I.A project, Regional Artistic Initiation Collective, contemplated by ...

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Project "Through Glass", Perfume space - Production of Débora. Photo: Bruna Muri.

Through the Glass Project gives new meaning to waste disposal in communities in São Paulo

In its 3rd edition, the project conceived by artist Débora Muszkat should benefit more from 80 people in Paraisópolis and Palheiros and alleviate the economic crisis of the pandemic According to the dictionary, garbage is all that worthless ...

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Exhibition "MascarART", featured. Disclosure.

Businesswoman supports culture through plastic artist masks

Currently, the mandatory use of protective masks represents not only personal care, but also a need to contribute to the safety of everyone.. To reinforce the importance of this habit, ViaQuatro, concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

CNPq had budget reduction, but it's not cutting bags

Contrary to what is spreading out there, CNPq is not cutting scientific research grants in Brazil. Entity is a reference for those who want to find academic curricula in Brazil, reinforces research center director. A pandemic ...

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Book "The Little Magellanic Cloud", by Maria Clara Lacerda, cover - featured. Disclosure.

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: Coherence Editorial Group books to read in June

Discover stories starring LGBTQIA+ from the publishing house After the Stonewall Revolt, in 1969, when homosexuals confronted New York police during a raid on a bar in the city, a scenario was developed in which the community ...

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Trip to Portugal Anthology of Poetry from Brazil and Portugal - Various Authors, editorial organization Gisele Sant’Ana Lemos, featured. Disclosure.

Poetic anthology unites Brazilian and Portuguese writers in the pandemic

Strengthen literary ties between Brazil and Portugal, even in the face of the pandemic. This is the proposal of the new poetic anthology “Viagem a Portugal”. Published in partnership between Bibliomundi and Filo Editora, ebook shaped, the work has as objective ...

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Photo: Anna Shvets no Pexels.

It takes strength, health and patience to overcome pandemic challenges

Some activities and understandings are essential to deal with Covid-19 and its social consequences According to the research “The Brazilians, the pandemic and consumption”, of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), there was an increase of nine percentage points among the inhabitants of the ...

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Joana Freitas, featured. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Covid-19: The utopia of change

Archaeologist Joana Freitas has been analyzing the epidemic context in terms of social change, believing, in a first stage, that some change was going to happen. “About seven months have passed since the pandemic began, I wrote that the ...

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Photo: Prime Art Reproduction / Disclosure.

With pandemic, audiovisual company finds new forms of production in the remote direction

A series of productions were completely filmed by local teams in different areas of Brazil as a production, direction, editing and finishing took place at another point Usually, making an audiovisual production presents a series of obstacles, because you need a whole ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Responsibility is key to understanding science and science journalism

Doctors Fabiano de Abreu and Ângela Mathylde talk on Live about the importance of scientific journalism and the valorization of the scientist In times of pandemic and Fake News, it is necessary to have discernment and attention with what ...

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