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Fantastic realism books to read even in 2021. Disclosure.

Fantastic realism books to read even in 2021

Discover four incredible works of this artistic current Fantastic realism is an artistic current that is very present and little known in novels, poems, paintings and cinematographic works. Geralmente este movimento forja laços estreitos e aposta no maravilhoso e mágico para transfigurar ...

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Book & quot; The lonely bird" Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Book brings reflections on isolation and hope

A book that shows the poet's desire in search of communication with the world to share his symbolisms, doubts and messages of hope. That's the proposal of The lonely bird, work by Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, published by Editora ...

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Niterói poems (autograph) by Marcos Jorge Nasser, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Poems from Niterói and a gift for theater actors

Anchored in marginalized daily life, Marcos Nasser lança Poemas de Niterói – 2º volume e reforça estética decadencista com elementos autobiográficos para abordar dúvidas existenciais atemporais e as mazelas sociais O segundo volume de Poemas de Niterói (autograph) é uma coletânea de textos que tem ...

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Livro "Oferta" Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, cover - frente and towards. Disclosure.

Book of poems brings reflection on human conflicts

Reflexive, imaginary and liberating. These are the feelings that writer Alexandra Vieira de Almeida wants to instigate in readers with the book of poems.. Released in second edition, by Editora Penalux, the work brings together themes that can be considered conflicting, ...

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The Nameless inaugurates series of Niterói Poems and reinforces existing psychological mark in literature

Especialista compara escrita do estreante Marcos Jorge Nasser a Baudelaire Responder como é a vida, with the courage to write the poems that incites, é a proposta de Marcos Jorge Nasser no seu livro de estreia: Niterói poems – The Nameless (autograph) – ...

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Theatrical highlights Flamenco Art from poems of Garcia Lorca

Espetáculo teatral destaca arte flamenca a partir de poemas de Garcia Lorca O espetáculo “Palavra Flamenca” estreia nesta quinta-feira (3), in the London Theater of Curitiba Memorial, and has a series of performances until Sunday (6), completando a sua primeira ...

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