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Fonif Photo Contest. Disclosure.

FONIF launches a Photography contest – “Perspectives on Philanthropy”

Contest seeks to celebrate and recognize images of philanthropic work recorded by amateur and professional photographers from all over Brazil The National Forum of Philanthropic Institutions (FONIF) launch the contest “Perspectives on Philanthropy”, an unprecedented project that seeks to celebrate and recognize ...

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Fitted kitchen: 5 tips on how to save on the project. Wirestock image on Freepik.

Fitted kitchen: 5 tips on how to save on the project

Designing a planned kitchen is always a big challenge.. The project requires attention to many details that, not always, everyone is attentive. But with the right care, the whole project can be done efficiently and economically. Take advantage of a promotion ...

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Decoration and interior design. Photo by Vecislavas Popa on Pexels.

Decoration and interior design: what's the difference?

What is the difference between decoration and interior design? Although the terms can be fuzzy and we find common elements, these two terms are not the same thing. Man's need to make his home more comfortable and ...

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Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?. Photo: Decorator photo created by wayhomestudio - br.freepik.com.

Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?

Attention is one of the biggest keys to a successful renovation.. However, those who work in the area know that just paying attention does not shape your steps.. Choosing quality finishes is one of the most important aesthetic phases ...

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How to develop the ideal kitchen project?. Photo: Interior design photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.

How to develop the ideal kitchen project?

The ideal kitchen exists and we can taste it! have a beautiful kitchen, cozy and that at the same time meets all the needs that each person has in the house is a difficult and challenging task, but it's not even a little ...

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Ursula Monteiro. Photo: Disclosure.

Little money to get your project off the ground? Ursula Monteiro gives tips on how to make low-budget films and succeed

Creating an original story and having an efficient marketing strategy are among the tips of the filmmaker who has just released two independent productions When we think about producing a film, soon we imagine large numbers invested in recordings and publicity ...

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Detail of one of the pen-and-ink illustrations created by Luciana Pinto for postcards. Photo: Disclosure.

Visual artist launches unprecedented collection of postcards in 17 August, National Heritage Day

Next Tuesday, 17 August, date on which the National Heritage Day is commemorated, visual designer Luciana Pinto launches an online postcard application (e-card), with your own drawings in pen and ink – ...

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Decoration with wood: know how to do. Photo: Tree photo created by prostooleh - br.freepik.com.

Decoration with wood: know how to do

Wood decoration has been present in our society for many years, despite that, it continues to be on the rise and is a trend all over the world.. It is possible to find it in homes, commercial establishments and in various other projects. This is because the ...

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Natalia mediates the table with Aduké, Erick Flores and Thiago Pirajira. Photo: Desirée Moenning.

Living Poets present the last episode of the project 'Forming Multipliers of Citizenship' on the day 31/07

Guests debate on the theme ‘Self-esteem – facing racism and looking for new possibilities of being’ at the fourth virtual table of the project What is the school's role in shaping students' self-esteem? How can the school ...

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Project "Through Glass", Perfume space - Production of Débora. Photo: Bruna Muri.

Through the Glass Project gives new meaning to waste disposal in communities in São Paulo

In its 3rd edition, the project conceived by artist Débora Muszkat should benefit more from 80 people in Paraisópolis and Palheiros and alleviate the economic crisis of the pandemic According to the dictionary, garbage is all that worthless ...

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