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Design – Artistic Production, Step by step 14 of how to draw by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Green Paper boats

Try to forget me… Remember is how
Conjure up a ghost… Let me be
What I am, What I've always been, a river that goes flowing…

In vain, in my banks will sing the hours,
Recamarei me of stars like a Royal robe,
I embroider of clouds and wings,
Sometimes it will come to me children bathing…

A mirror does not store things reflected!
And my destiny is to follow… is to follow to the sea.
The images getting lost on the way…
Let me flow, pass, sing…

All the sadness of the rivers
Is not able to stop
(QUINTANA, 2007, p.85)

It's elusive image which is reflected in the water. Your time is so short and so fragile, as life itself. The details are ephemeral. And maybe, in the face of the grandeur of the scene, the relevance of these details fade, as the waves that crumble in the wind, with the movement the boats. The immutable is the memory that is, is the memory that the moment offers. And the waters still take care of flushing the sadness, the rebates and the desconsolos who insist on speaking up. Like a river, life goes on, set in its natural course, quiet, as it should be. Anchored at the pier, the boats also are waiting to follow its path.

Fig. 1 – Barcos sobre papel verde, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 1 -Green Paper Boats, Rosângela Vig.

For these waters, my thoughts so sailed. On the Green Paper, I wrote my scene (Fig. 1), I imagined the colors and let the pencil ran loose on the texture of the leaf. As for the colors, not used a lot of, only the white and black color pencil. And my boats have been slowly emerging about the texture.

I started everything with a horizontal line, so the whole thing about her restraint. The use of the square was important, at this moment, so they don't occur in the final image distortions. The same I did with the buildings. Just set out the lines, to then complete the details, freeform. Do the same. If you want to, train before, in a draft sheet, then for the final paper.

Fig. 2 – Luz, Barcos sobre papel verde, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 2 -Light, Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.

Remember the issue of perspective and the vanishing point, to make the boats. Due to the movement of water and the position of each, in the scene, both its interiors, as their size must be different. The same idea of perspective should be followed for the buildings, each will have a position on the image.

For painting, remember the issue of incidence of light. In my scene, She comes from the left side (Fig. 2). Lit so bright sides of each element of the scene, with a stronger white pencil. For the sites with lower incidence of light, not reinforced both the white pencil and did the shadows with black pencil (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 – Sombra, Barcos sobre papel verde, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 3 -Shadow, Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.

And the final touch of this work was on account of the movement and the reflection of the whole scene, in the water (Fig. 4). That's what gave life to drawing. For this, Repeat the scene, very smooth, without many details, across the bottom of the dock and under boats, strengthening the light with white and shadow with black. But don't push it too far and leave some spaces without paint, because the water waves, are in slight movement and does not reflect every detail of the image above. Watch the video to see how these reflections are made of very shallow. To complete, make some loose risks, in horizontal direction, about the water, both in black white, to mimic the waves. Do clouds at will and finish the scene, reinforcing the shadows with black.

Fig. 4 – Reflexos na água, Barcos sobre papel verde, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 4 -Reflections in the water, Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.

Here are the steps for developing your work, but you can innovate and change the scene. Do the same landscape on the roles of other colors; use different colored pencil; change the position of the light; do more choppy waters, tracing more waves, with horizontal risks. Let the Art the charm. Let yourself be carried away by your own imagination. Between the scene. And they stay in memory only the joys of having navigated, the perfume of the sea, the heat of the Sun and the freshness of the breeze. The rest is transient.

Check out the video of the production of the work on green paper Boats:


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QUINTANA. Mário. Quintana de Pocket. Porto Alegre: Editora L&PM Pocket, 2007.


The figures:

Fig. 1 – Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 2 – Light, Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 3 – Shadow, Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.

Fig. 4 – Reflections in the water, Green Paper boats, Rosângela Vig.



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