Rhymes to slow down everyday life

In “About today – reflective poetry”, Flavia de Assis e Souza compiles messages of lightness and well-being for an audience that lives a frenetic day-to-day


What time do you rest? for some, get on the crowded bus at 6 hours of the morning and getting a place to sit down is the closest thing to peace of mind you'll have for the week..

for others, Leaving work early and watching the sunset alone or in good company can also be synonymous with peace of mind..

Although many Brazilians have a stressful daily life, it is possible to find small moments of tranquility, or fractions of peace that suddenly appear and encourage you to get on with your day.


These are the subtleties, sometimes almost imperceptible, what is the book about About today – reflective poetry, written by Flavia de Assis e Souza.

The poems invite the reader to look at the world with another perspective. Take life lightly, without hiding your difficulties, is one of the objectives proposed by the poetess from Goiás.

“Write the book it was a way of putting together a message to the world in a careful and loving way, expanding thoughts, feelings and perceptions linked to well-being and a light life”, explains the author.

Whether at rest or in the day's work 
Deep breathing brings balance 
Leads to an irresistible tune 
and allows, even with ourselves, a better conviviality 
From so much fighting against the tide 
Our body gets tired 
How about leaving life as it is? 
And in harmony to base perseverance 
(About today, PG. 15) 

The verses present to the public aspects of daily life that, due to routine, go unnoticed. The coffee break, family relationships, the moment of reading, the small gestures of kindness and the silent pain of people are some of the themes addressed in the lines and rhymes. in a light way, but with depth, About today becomes a stimulus to understand and accept reality, seeking transformations from the inside out.

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The work is the result of a project by Flavia de Assis e Souza, who has written more than 350 poems in your career. Through social networks, promotes authorial writing defined as “welcoming”, with the aim of connecting and engaging readers. she explains: “this connection awakens in the person the desire to look at himself, to each other and to the world with more lightness and gratitude”.

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Title: About today – reflective poetry
Author: Flavia de Assis e Souza
Publisher: independent publication
ISBN/ASIN: 978-65-00-57250-6 
Format: 14,8 x 21 cm
Pages: 132 
Price: R$ 40,96 (physical) e R$ 19,90 (e-book) 
Where to buy: Amazon | Authors Club  

About the author:

Born in Rio Verde, municipality of Goiás, Flavia de Assis e Souza is a food engineer and has a postgraduate degree in Marketing, Quality and Foreign Trade. Formed by institutions such as Unicamp, USP, ESPM and FGV, has been working with e-marketing sales for two decades in São Paulo.

beyond this career, always devoted himself to the literary branch. already wrote 350 poems, 40 short stories and a novel. He also has texts published in anthologies of national literature competitions..

Recently, decided to use social networks as one of the main platforms for the dissemination of his work. Through Instagram, shares poems and everyday stories. Now, launches the poetry book “About today”, an independent publication.

Social networks: Instagram | WebSite 


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