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GLU, GLU, GLU - Anna Maria Maiolino, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

BASE opens the press conference (A) PART OF THE WHOLE

(A)PART OF THE WHOLE The whole without the part is not the whole, The part without the whole is no part, But if the part makes the whole, being part, don't say, which is part, being all. Gregorio de Matos “The ...

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World map in commemoration of the 2nd Centenary of Independence 2022. Printed. 100x150cm. Paulo Protasio's Collection – Brazil. celebrating 200 Brazil's years as an independent nation, we produced this world map with Brazil in the center. The idea is to bring greater clarity to our position in the world and encourage us to realize our own protagonism.. The self-centered position allows us to visualize the resonance field of our actions in the world and, also, understand the forces that affect us. Another effect is to present us with the three oceans in their entirety.. The realization that we are surrounded by oceans, not only gives us the dimension of our possibility of communication with all continents and all nations, but also invites us to take responsible action with this environment that is the cradle of life on Earth. The production of this map had the support of the 5th Geoinformation Center of the Brazilian Army.

The Banco do Brasil Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-RJ) presents exposition “Brazil No [center of] Map”

Open to the public in the month of the discovery of Brazil, the exhibition brings a series of gems of cartography, as the first map of the Brazilian coast, still called Vera Cruz. “Geography cannot be underestimated. It clearly brings ...

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Rio Art Museum holds second edition of the Women in the Arts Seminar Cycle

In dialogue with the exhibition “Casa Carioca”, which will be inaugurated at the reopening of MAR, the event is themed “Architecture and Urbanism ”After a successful first edition last year, with the auditorium of the Museum of Art of Rio ...

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Group show "Girls On Pop" begins on Wednesday in Sao Paulo

Curated by Erika Palomino exhibition at Gallery Houssein Jarouche brings together works that relate to the feminine universe São Paulo, January 2020 – It begins on Wednesday in Sao Paulo to 19 Gallery hours in Houssein Jarouche show ...

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BASE gallery on display with feminine vision

In "Anna", two exponents of Brazilian culture exhibit works that attest to the importance and challenge of women The BASE Gallery, by Daniel Maranhão, displays “ANNA”, with about of 25 works by Anna Bella Geiger and Anna Maria Maiolino and ...

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Rio receives Art Open Doors, in Santa Teresa, in the days 20 and 21 July

With participation of more 40 visual artists and average audience 15 thousand visitors, edition will lecture Anna Bella Geiger and Sandra Tucci, opening with Coral enchants Santa and dozens of works in workshops, museums, galleries and cultural centers by ...

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Jorge Macchi, Mare Tranquillitatis. Photo: Disclosure.

Begins the first International Biennial of contemporary art of South America-BIENALSUR

Begins the first International Biennial of contemporary art of South America-BIENALSUR, with the completion of 100 concurrent exhibitions in 32 cities of 16 countries Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul in the event circuit, who ...

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Partnership in art – Anna Bella Geiger participates in the exhibition of the Italian-Brazilian artist Lucio Salvatore

Partnership in art – Anna Bella Geiger participa da exposição do artista plástico italo-brasileiro Lucio Salvatore no Centro Cultural Correios, no Rio de Janeiro Anna Bella Geiger, one of the most important Brazilian plastic artists of today, participa na mostra com ...

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