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Rodrigo Santo (Santo) is Visual Artist.

Rodrigo Santo (Santo) - "The activist feel and its distinctive language", by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Holy was born in the city of Santos in the south coast of São Paulo. His initial training was in the international trade area. Soon after he specialized in design and engineering innovation. He also served as speaker and developer of human research processes ...

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“Magda Necklaces - and its contemporary art” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Continuing our interviews with talented Brazilian artists, we are pleased to introduce you to Rio de Janeiro artist Magda Necklaces, who kindly granted us this interview. She told us a little about his artistic career and his plans ...

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Philosopher discusses study the issue of social inequality in Brazil, their causes and possible solutions

Philosopher and Abreu Fabiano researcher points based on their studies and UN indicators in the leading causes of the gap between the social classes in Brazil, e possíveis soluções para a desigualdade socioeconômica As desigualdades social e de ...

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Gilberto Salvador: the restless spirit of an artist of public works by Edmund Chandra

Sometimes, When we visited some public space, a park, a square, etc.., in our city, faced with beautiful sculptures. Here comes the question, who is this beautiful and creative work? In this respect we took your question to some ...

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Two Canvas: Outono sobre a Torre Eiffel and Verão sobre a Torre Eiffel. Year: 2012. Technique: Acrylic on Panel.

Visual Artist Rosângela Vig interviewed by Oscar D'Ambrósio in the program profile of UNESP Radio

Artist Rosangela Vig interviewed by Oscar D ' Ambrosio in the program Profile the Program profile – UNESP Radio Radio UNESP the program profile Unesp FM Radio, presented by respected journalist and art critic Oscar D Ambrose interviewed this week ...

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