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Vital Barbosa - “Art, the comfort of the soul ”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? I'm Vital Barbosa, I was born in the city of Recife (PE), land of frevo and maracatu, and I was raised in Olinda (PE). Today I am pleased to live in São Luís (MA), ...

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Biagio Cerbone - "SENSORIAL"

Biagio Cerbone, Master in painting, uses the senses as a source of inspiration in order to thrill lovers of his art. The imagination flies free at all times and when it is in front of the screen, passionately expresses beauty ...

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Marie-Louise Plum, artwork - featured.

“Interview with Marie-Louise Plum”, by: Juliana Vannucchi

I talked to the talented English painter Marie-Louise Plum, who told me the story of his incredible artistic trajectory and made several reflections about the meaning of art and the effects it can have on people's lives. Also ...

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Claudia Ciappino - “Ingenious Recycling”

Claudia Ciappino is an Italian artist involved with environmental preservation issues and makes an appeal in her works using recycled materials. Providing a new life and purpose to these materials, demonstrates respect for the planet ...

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Julianna Vidnik - “The purity and joy of art”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? Was born in São Paulo, Capital. My residence / studio is in Brasilia and I currently live in Budapest / Hungary because I am also a Hungarian citizen, I came to spend a sabbatical year and with the pandemic it became ...

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Ana Mondini - “Artfully, expanding perspectives and realities ”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? I was born in Curitiba-PR and I have a degree in Painting, by the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná (UNESPAR UNIVERSITIES) and, also Graduation, Master and Doctorate in Philosophy, by the Federal University of ...

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Title & quot; Tree of Woman" Corner of the Telesio course in France Torino course (Italy). Work dedicated to women, created in 8 March 2019 during Women's Day. The intention is to witness the importance of women every 365 days of the year, fighting violence against them, featured.

Osvaldo Neirotti - “Urban Nature”

Osvaldo Neirotti, Italian plastic artist, passionate about the arts in general, loves to write too. Identified with nature, believes in raising everyone's awareness of the environment and its importance. Involved with the long-standing arts, shaped the new ...

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Enjoying Art with Cristina Simone - “Figurative Expressionism”

Uruguayan artist, autodidact, studying initially through the internet advances in his technique, producing beautiful screens. When there is a true desire, you can achieve beautiful goals. Cristina interview, tell us a little about yourself… My name is Cristina Simone, I'm from Montevideo – ...

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Annalisa Tescari Appuhn - “A look at the contemporary”

Annalisa Tescari Appuhn, italian sculptor, creates her works by printing passion and using metals in its composition. In Rome, works in her studio, participating in exhibitions since 2007 with highlights in artistic competitions. With satisfaction, we interviewed the artist for the site. ...

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Guillermo Aldaco - “Mix of pictorial emotions in creation”

Mexican plastic artist, Guillermo Aldaco is inspired by tranquility, music, a pleasant company or even a delicious coffee to create your works of art. Follow the artist's interview to get to know him and know some curiosities about his creation process ...

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