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Peruvian Embassy warns of historic documents stolen from the country. Photo: IPHAN.

Peruvian Embassy warns of historic documents stolen from the country

Iphan warns dealers about the origin of parts they intend to purchase, avoiding getting the stolen items. The Embassy of Peru in Brazil issued a warning about the theft of cultural goods belonging to that country. According to the document, the following ...

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D'Angelos Auction, in Peru. Photo: IPHAN.

D'Angelos Auction, in Peru

The goods were offered for sale on the Internet. The list includes letters and certificates from the 19th century, plus an 18th century collection book. A Embaixada do Peru no Brasil emitiu alerta sobre o furto dos bens culturais ...

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Metal parts are stolen from the mansion "Casa 6" in Pelotas (RS). Photo: IPHAN.

54 metal parts are stolen from the mansion "Casa 6" in Pelotas (RS)

Stolen pieces decorate the railing of the staircase and the front porch of the site. The National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) received through the process 01512.000627/2021-96, news of the theft of integrated goods from a building that integrates the ...

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Detail of one of the pen-and-ink illustrations created by Luciana Pinto for postcards. Photo: Disclosure.

Visual artist launches unprecedented collection of postcards in 17 August, National Heritage Day

Next Tuesday, 17 August, date on which the National Heritage Day is commemorated, visual designer Luciana Pinto launches an online postcard application (e-card), with your own drawings in pen and ink – ...

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Society is called to contribute to the construction of the Cultural Heritage Policy Material

The Heritage Institute for National Artistic (IPHAN) It takes an important step for strengthening conservation actions of cultural material goods in the country, counting on the participation of the whole society. Opening a direct channel ...

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Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro brings together over 150 works of important Brazilian collections on display

Shows the construction of heritage features reflection on the preservation of heritage in the Cultural box Brazil Rio de Janeiro, from 25 October and 22 th December 2017, exposure to Construction of heritage, that presents ...

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CNART: Art dealers registered not have fine of up to $10 1000

In the context of actions to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, the Heritage Institute for National Artistic (IPHAN) published in 9 from March to Ordinance No. 80 from 2017, establishing sanctions for works dealers ...

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Samba national day will be celebrated on Wednesday in the mouth Fucking

Pacers, percussionists, interpreters and bambas locations take over Mouth Fucking this Wednesday (2), the 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, to celebrate the national day of Samba. On the schedule are provided for presentations from more than 60 musicians playing samba de partido alto, ...

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