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Therese Mazzei presents “Possibilities” in the Gallery of the House of Paul Barry

The visual artist capixaba Therese Mazzei inaugurates the exhibition "Possibilities", next Saturday (7 October), at 4:00 pm, in the Gallery of the House of Paul Barry, in Lapa. For your first solo exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Therese will present a series ...

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Lina Rivera, Winter Garden, 2016. Photo: Disclosure.

Collective exhibition “3 the A” opens in LAPA next Saturday (10)

The Gallery of the House of Paul Barry, open to the public from 10 June-exhibition "3", with the participation of artists Elmo Malik, Jung Sheldon, Márcio Goldzweig and Lina Rivera. A exposição segue até ...

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Play about the Siege of Lapa will be presented at the Curitiba Memorial

The show "Reborn at the siege of Lapa" will be presented this Saturday (14), at 8:0 pm, in the London Theatre-Curitiba Memorial, with free entry. The play, produced by various cultural groups of Lapa, is traditionally staged on the streets, in the month ...

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