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Exposure Homeric Hymns Luciane Valencia

In the culture of the constitution, the myth contributes to individual and collective development. Existing structural actions in these narratives have the ability to generate behavior patterns that ensure the psychosocial development, infusing references of a more appropriate standard ...

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“Exhibition Angels Art Studio in Europe” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Continuing its project "May in Europe" the Angels Art Studio, and its curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira, will promote more 3 exhibition with Brazilian artists. Another two in Portugal and one in Vienna in Austria. As invitations below. ...

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Brazilian artists in Europe by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Let's start a week, sharing the invitation of Angels Art Studio, Maria Dos Anjos Oliveira, in partnership with Port Art Gallery in Oporto / Portugal, for the first exhibition of his tour in Portugal and Europe. A exposição contará com a ...

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55SP launches issue of Glu-Glu iconic work of artist Amelia Toledo

Multiple Sculpture "Glu-Glu", created in 1968 55SP is launched in the space that opens to the public on 10 de maio e segue para a feira JustLX em Portugal São Paulo, April 2018 – The 55SP launches on ...

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Convite Fundação AMI – Inauguração de "A VER O MAR". Disclosure.

AMI Foundation invitation-Inauguration of “TO VIEW THE SEA”

Summer group show day 11 August at 21:30 in the Estoril Congress Centre the next day 11 August 2017, by 21:30, the AMIarte, Center for cultural action of AMI, inaugurates, in the center of the Congresses ...

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National Library of Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Ricardo Barguine.

Besides the prestige as Advisor, the Luso-Brazilian Fabiano de Abreu now Immortalizes your name among the largest Brazilian writers of history

What the end point for success? To the writer, philosopher, Publicist and journalist Fabiano de Abreu, owner of MF Global Press, There seems to be no. Prestigious world fitness Advisor, Fabiano will have your name immortalized among the great ...

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Lecture with authors of the Portuguese language, Book III of Portugal. Photo: Disclosure.

Book fair in Portugal receives Brazilian authors

Over 30 Brazilian authors will be presented at the III book fair of Portugal, What happens in the days 24 and 25 June in Lisbon. Responsible for cultural exchange will be the writer Jo Ramos, the ZL Publisher. According To Ramos, ...

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Free Course: Costuming and Adorn the body BUT

The sacred art museum receives the Portuguese professor Dr. Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa to teach a course on the topic “Costuming and Adorn the body: the Egyptians to the twentieth century”. The aim of this course is the study ...

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Fabiano de Abreu launches book in Portugal

The writer, philosopher, Publicist and journalist Fabiano de Abreu, owner of MF Global Press, had your book approved by the Municipal Library St. Lazarus of Lisbon, in Portugal. Fabiano de Abreu is in Lusitanian capital to launch the book ...

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Cloister in color display

Keys – Portugal 5-19 November 2016 The idea of the exhibition is to propagate the artist in essence, in his Studio… with his techniques, materials and their thoughts… Thus, We formed this group of artists, interessados em propagar a Arte desde ...

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