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“You can borrow my eyes” -shows produced by visually impaired people of Juliana Stein photography workshop – integrates Bienal de Arte de Curitiba

Shows at the public library of Paraná, opens next Saturday, day 21, and sign up 30 December in place of the retina, the thrill of the senses; in the framework of the focus, the perception of the ideal point. The result of this ...

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6º CNI SESI Marcantonio Vilaça SENAI for the fine arts

TCU DISPLAYS WORKS OF ARTISTS WINNERS MARCANTONIO VILAÇA CULTURAL SPACE – TCU. FROM 24 OCTOBER TO 22 DECEMBER 2017. *For the second time, the Cultural Centre of the Court of Auditors welcomes roaming the main prize of the ...

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Group exhibition the Cry of the Innocent by Rosangela Vig

My hands the bakeries… Never idle. Fruitful. Vast and busy. Laborious hands. Open always to give, Help, together and bless (CORALINA, 2004, p. 218) Built by the hands of our great Cora Coralina, poetry speaks to us of the hands busy on your deals ...

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The Packaging Manifest, the Polish Director Tadeusz Kantor, inspire dance group Street soils, in the center of São Paulo

Four dancers in the …AVOA! Artistic core engage, on the street, in a large plastic; passers-by watch with curious "(…) Packing!… Packing!… Because the phenomenon mentioned has many meanings and elicits varying reviews, worse than that: because it is simply ...

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Alex Flemming inaugurates exhibition in São Paulo

From 28 October, the artist behind the anonymous subway faces Sumaré presents free shows in the Ema Klabin Museum artist Alex Flemming, that became nationally known after installation of anonymous faces in panels ...

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The art of Rachel Avelino de Oliveira

Born in 08 September 1999, in the city of Manhattan, Minas Gerais. Son of Fernando Jerri de Oliveira and Sander Avelino de Oliveira, still got a sister, Marcelle Avelino de Oliveira, born in 30 January 2004, in the same city. ...

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Renata Adler, Interwoven World. Photo: Disclosure.

Last few weeks of the exhibition "the path of the planets" which features 11 works of artist Renata Adler

"The path of the planets" set the gardens and restaurant of the Hotel Santa Teresa Rio MGallery by Sofitel until 16 October exhibition "the path of the planets": Hotel Santa Teresa Rio MGallery by Sofitel Address: Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 660 Visitation ...

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Monuments in the square of 19 of December have new despiche action

The preservation of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba had to again perform one more despiche action in the Heritage Square 19 December. This time, the cleaning was performed in the obelisk and the three columns of the Panel ...

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Launch of YouTube channel “Talk PsiColeguinhas”

Three women and a lot of stories to tell. That's how the presenter and actress Babi Xavier and Paula Lane, master in psychoanalysis, define the program proposal Psicoleguinhas, you had your premiere, on YouTube, in the last day 29. In it, Mrs ...

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“Roots” by Jessica Tan

The 21st century is characterized by fluidity, the globalized world, of information and thereby, increasingly want to look inside, know our essence, our roots and stories so that we can in fact, who we are. This is reflected in our ...

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