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GLU, GLU, GLU - Anna Maria Maiolino, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

BASE opens the press conference (A) PART OF THE WHOLE

(A)PART OF THE WHOLE The whole without the part is not the whole, The part without the whole is no part, But if the part makes the whole, being part, don't say, which is part, being all. Gregório de Matos “O ...

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11º Prix Photo Aliança Francesa, Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

Open voting for the People's Jury Award “11º Prix Photo Aliança Francesa”

In its 11th edition the “Prix Photo Aliança Francesa”, the national photography contest has more than 350 registered portfolios and voting for the Popular Prize will begin. The popular award will receive a distance professional mentorship in partnership ...

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Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: 54º Modern Numismatic Auction - 28-06 at 7:00 pm, featured. Disclosure.

Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: 54º Modern Numismatic Auction – 28-06 at 7:00 pm

54º Modern Numismatic Auction 28 June at 7:00 pm AUCTIONEER Flávia Cardoso Soares – JUCESP Nº 948   Some lots of prominence Follow our social networks: Instagram: @FlaviaCardosoSoaresLeiloes Facebook: Facebook / FlaviaCardosoSoaresLeiloes How to buy at auctions: just access the link to ...

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Cultural activities at the Eva Klabin House Museum. Photo: Disclosure.

Lively holidays with workshops, jokes and a lot of culture

In July, the Eva Klabin House Museum resumes the “Holidays at the Museum” project, with cultural and fun activities for children from 5 years and their families. The Eva Klabin House Museum, space with wide cultural diversity, installed ...

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terrestrial paradise, Roeland Jacobsz Savery, 1576-1639. Photo: Disclosure.

The MNBA's fabulous collection of Dutch painting at the day lecture 30 jun, free

The fabulous collection of Dutch painting at the MNBA Dutch painting from the 16th to the 18th century in the collection of the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes/Ibram is the subject of the lecture by the art historian and former head of foreign painting at the MNBA. ...

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Vanessa Guimaraes, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Vanessa Guimarães confirms presence at the 26th São Paulo International Book Biennial

Winner of two literary awards, the author will be in the days 02 and 03 de julho nos estandes da editora Cabana Vermelha e ABERST Autora de “Beijo de Borboleta” e “Os Outros”, Vanessa Guimarães anuncia sua participação na 26ª Bienal Internacional do Livro de São Paulo com duas ...

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Artist: Efrain Almeida. Title: sad eyes (detail). Year: 2008. Technique: Umburana, table, oil and pyrography. Dimensions: Prato : 3 x 18 cm Ø Mesa: 66 x 50,5 x 50,5 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Efrain Almeida opens 'The Sixth Day'’ at the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo

the sixth day …an aesthetic epiphany Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo – MAS/SP, institution of the Department of Culture and Economy of the State of São Paulo Creative, presents the exhibition “The Sixth Day”, by the artist Efrain Almeida, under curation ...

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Longa nacional 'A Colmeia' arrives at the commercial rooms. Photo: Bruno Polidoro.

'The Hive’ opening in cinemas day 30 of June

Dramatic suspense follows the conflicts of a group of German immigrants Not all blood is sweet as honey. The Hive A group of German immigrants lives isolated in the interior of southern Brazil. They try to be invisible, but the fear of ...

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Author: MAN. Title: the simplicity. Year: 2022. Technique: acrylic on canvas; black pen tip 2.0mm. Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm. Photo: Disclosure.

VIRI's Visceral Fantastic

The expression of the Fantastic and his Fantasies! Art Lab Gallery presents “O Fantástico Visceral”, first solo show by visual artist and skater VIRI with an unprecedented series of 23 copyright paintings and jewelry, a collab with Reeeskate99 with sophisticated techniques ...

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Walter Carvalho has an art exhibition at Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte. Disclosure.


Photographer and filmmaker presents his artistic production from platinum printing for the first time. Exhibition brings unpublished works to the public, as a result of its experimentation with alternative image production processes for more than 20 years. “Illuminations” opened at ...

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