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391st edition of “Fête de la Musique 2021”. Disclosure.

The French Embassy in Brazil, the Network of French Alliances in Brazil and the Molotov Cocktail celebrate the Fête de la Musique in Brazil

Day 21 of June, broadcast by the Networks of Alliances Francesas do Brasil Mirroring the Festas Juninas that take place annually in Brazil in June, the French Embassy in Brazil, a Rede das Alianças Francesas no Brasil e o Festival ...

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Book "The Talismans of Jade" by Paula Carminatti with co-creation by Eliton Viegas, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Paula Carminatti's first novel was released by Grupo Editorial Coerência

"The Jade Talismans", co-created by Eliton Viegas, It was released in 2020 by the Plus+ label After releasing some short stories on Amazon and contributing stories to several anthologies, a autora Paula Carminatti lançou “Os talismãs de Jade” pela Plus+, selo do Grupo Editorial ...

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CLA. Maria's hair, featured. Photo: Paulo Savala.

Ema Klabin House Museum brings live show to celebrate June festivities

Cia Cabelo de Maria celebrates June with a themed show. Coco, xote, Baião, marchinhas formam a riqueza do repertório e a variedade de ritmos do espetáculo Não é porque a pandemia não permite aglomerações que vamos deixar de celebrar a ...

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Book “Melina Crível” by Ingra Danielle Português, cover - featured. Disclosure.

New book by Ingra Danielle Português was launched by Grupo Editorial Coerência

Segunda obra da autora levanta reflexões sobre a importância de preservar o meio ambiente Após estrear na literatura com “A Caverna, o Príncipe e a Esposa”, a escritora e teóloga Ingra Danielle Português chama a atenção dos leitores com “Melina Crível”, seu segundo ...

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Guto Lacaz. Photo: Disclosure.

Park's House of Culture starts a new exhibition cycle

on reopening, the House presents two solo exhibitions and a collective with works by Guto Lacaz, Lenora de Barros and Wagner Malta Tavares. The Park's House of Culture, idealized by Regina Pinho de Almeida, starts a new cycle with ...

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No Pontes, forward, one of the giants of your generation, featured. Photo: Renata Stoduto.

Naddo Pontes shows his pop between Gigantes is an attraction at Mistura Fina this Thursday (17)

The band led by one of the greatest composers of his generation, anticipates new songs that are in the process of recording NADDO ENTRE GIGANTES is the attraction of Mistura Fina this Thursday, day 17 of June, from 6:30 pm, with ...

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Book: "And all truth will be revealed" by Sandro Sabag, cover - featured. Disclosure.

And all truth will be revealed: meet Sandro Sabag's debut book

O livro nacional publicado pelo Grupo Editorial Coerência aborda conhecimentos sobre o mundo e humanidade até os dias de hoje O livro de estreia de Sandro Sabag, "And all truth will be revealed", foi lançado no último final de semana na Livraria Martins ...

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Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: DESIGN Auction - 16 and 17 June 2021, featured. Disclosure.

Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: DESIGN Auction - 16 and 17 June 2021

  DESIGN Auction - 16 and 17 June 2021   FLÁVIA CARDOSO SOARES LEILÕES Follow our social networks: Instagram: @FlaviaCardosoSoaresLeiloes Facebook: Facebook / FlaviaCardosoSoaresLeiloes How to buy at auctions: just access the link to the catalog and launch us ...

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Chelpa Ferro. Photo: Disclosure.

Or Real Resist | Mul.ti.plo | [EXTENDED]

OR REAL RESISTS From 22 April to 18 of June 9 JULY (extended), the Mul.ti.plo Gallery exhibits prints of 30 artists, like Arnaldo Antunes, Antonio Bokel, Hair, Carlos Vergara, Carolina Kasting, Elana Paulino, Joyce Pine, Marcos Chaves, Raul Mourão, Saulo Nicolai, Walter ...

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Dialogues Paper, mill Brazil, artist selection, featured. Disclosure.


It may be that the best days of our childhood are printed on a sheet of paper. colored; with worked risks; just scribbled; in the form of stories told, of fables, of tales, or in charming poetry. Paper has always been enchanted by its textures, ...

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