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The Four Secrets to start a career as an actor or actress

Actress and producer Priscilla Olyva talks about the kickoff, challenges and tips for entering an artistic career. The arts fascinated people since the world began. Who has not found himself admiring a novel character, ...

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Dear William presents a dramatized reading of the text "The Revolution of the Blessed", Dias Gomes

COLETIVO DE TEATRO QUERIDOS DE GUILHERME APRESENTA A LEITURA DRAMATIZADA DO TEXTO “A Revolução dos Beatos”, Dias Gomes 12/06/2018 Mrs 20:00 (Tuesday). Gabinete de Leitura Guilherme de Araújo Rua Redentor 157, Ipanema O coletivo OS QUERIDOS DE GUILHERME, formado ...

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Municipal schools of Paraná coast receive special programming at the end of the school year

Children from the municipalities of Paranaguá, Guaraqueçaba Pontal do Paraná and receive in their schools to play "the land of the people of grace", with the CLA Tripod Trip troupe of many possibilities, the week of 11 a 15 of december. ...

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THE DAUGHTERS OF MOTHER – Show celebrates 35 years in poster

In 1983 Thus a great success of Ronaldo Ciambroni, THE DAUGHTERS OF MOTHER, with your debut in the city of Bauru, São Paulo on a FOOTBALL COURT, With Nilson Ramã, Zaira Bueno, Monique Lafon and Ronaldo Ciambroni in ...

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The confusions and thoughts of the mind on the stage of Curitibanas Novels

Talk about the troubles and disturbances of the mind of contemporary man. That's what the Show Man the wind that has text and direction of Marcos Dalhatu. With text wistfully comic, the piece shows the audience a group ...

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Show "the dance" premieres this Thursday at Cleon Jacques

The Modulated Theatrical research group (MPT) premiere this week the play "the Homecoming". The show is inspired by the movie of the same name from Italian Director Ettore Scolla and has other influences, How Almodóvar and Fellini. The show portrays small ...

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"Believe me, a spirit Down on me!"at the Teatro Bibi Ferreira

The play tells the story of a homosexual, not satisfied with his own death, that run of heaven to live new experiences and ends up creating a big mess after incorporate in a sexist radical. The comedy has led more than 3 ...

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Project "Here or There? -Choices and Dates ". Photo: André Spinola.

“HERE OR THERE? – CHOICES AND DATES”: Storytelling course encourages reflections on youth of the Vila Maria Park

The proposal, working of the oral tradition stories reconciled with improvisational theatre games, encourages young people in the neighborhood in São Paulo to talk about the dilemmas of life and develop sensitivity to the arts of the body in order to cultivate ...

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