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Eduardo Villela. Photo: Washington Fonseca.

Five reasons for those who want to launch a book

Organize ideas and stories to yield a book, It is not always easy. To help in this mission, Eduardo Villela lists some reasons for those wishing to publish a book

The Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha, exponent of the new cinema in Brazil, argued that a camera in hand and an idea in the head, It was beginning to make a movie. But not everything works well. It is true that everyone has a story to tell, is about your family, professional experience, fiction, a dream or any subject that arouses interest and can add something in someone else's life. But to turn this story into a book, already is another department. In the field of letters, you can not adjust the maximum Glauber – an idea in the head and a computer is not always the beginning to get a book published.

"Launching a book is one of the best ways to eternizarmos what we feel and our world view on an issue. It is also a very special opportunity to divide our experiences, learning and skills with others ", defends book advisor Eduardo Villela that, since 2004, help authors to have their projects published and accompanies them from the choice of subject, development of a script chapters, written chapters to the book signing. According to Villela, Next steps, as planning, organization, dedication and rely on know-how on what you want to write are essential to publish a work.

Check out the tips below:

Leave a Legacy

The books never die, They are always present in library shelves, bookstores and also in the virtual environment such as e-books. According to Villela, who has published a work leaves an inheritance for future generations. "A book never expires, You can pass from generation to generation and leaves no wisdom, the memories and the lessons of his writer die ", account.

share experiences

“The book is a very effective way for you to share his knowledge and experience to a large number of people”, the phrase Villela demonstrates that writing is also a way to share a particular subject expertise with your target audience.

An example is the book "The Traveler's Guide of the Camino de Santiago – A Life In 30 days ", written by Daniel Agrela, professional traveler and journalist, the work is a Brazilian guide that shares the author's experience in the famous European path and brings valuable guidance for readers too enjoy the ride.

Leverage business

Publish a book for an author can be a career booster. Eduardo Villela has already released more than 200 books by authors who were already speakers, consultants, liberal and independent professionals. After their works released, they saw, after a year, increase in, at least, 50%, or even saw double the demand for their classes, workshops and consultancies. "If the book has content, your text is well written and enjoyable to read and the author wrote it keeping in mind the target audience's needs in theme, it will have very good chances of being well accepted by readers ", clarifies the book advisor.

Lend credibility and make its author a reference

The book gives strength to the professional you want to be a reference in an area. Villela argues that release a book lends credibility and contributes greatly to its author to consolidate itself as expert in particular subject, but for that the work should be well built and actually add value to their readers. "We all have knowledge, skills and valuable experiences that can change someone's life. When writing a book, you make it possible for others to learn from you ", says the expert.

Follow a methodology

Still according to him, it's possible, viable and there is a certain methodology to write a good book. "Writing a book is not an activity to be carried out alone, requires no raw talent, but demand to know well and have experience in certain subject and public. You have to rely on the expert guidance of a book advisor, you can follow the author in each of the steps of the writing and publication of his book ", reveals.

About Eduado Villela

He graduated in International Relations and attended an MBA, ambos na PUC-SP. Works with writing and publishing books since 2004, He has released more than 500 varied themes books, including management, business, university, technicians, humanities, general interest, biographies and children's fiction and adult.

He worked as an editor acquisitions of university books and business at Editora Saraiva, publisher of business books in Campus-Elsevier, editorial manager of all lines of publications in Publisher People and copublisher and commercial director of Editora Évora. More information on www.eduvillela.com

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