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Livros "Entre Nós" e "Não Me Solte Jamais" by Binha Cibelle, covers. Photo: Disclosure.
Books "Between Us" and "Never Let Me Go" by Binha Cibelle, covers. Photo: Disclosure.

Chae brothers: How far conflicts from the past can prevent a great love story?

Book series written by Binha Cibelle involves marriage agreement between tycoon families in a novel full of twists and turns

When the truth is in the wrong person's hands, a marriage of convenience can trigger major conflicts between two families. It's with this climate of love, tension and mystery, what the author Binha Cibelle, mining of 28 years, start to literary series “Chae Brothers”. Sharing a great admiration for Asian dramas and taking inspiration from the best sellers of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, the artist gathers more than 1 million reads on Amazon and surpassed 1.500 copies sold in the months of release.


The series “Chae Brothers” starts with the prelude book "Between us", released in 2020. The work presents the universe of the story to the readers, bringing together prologues that connect with the titles' plot, and even though it is quite fundamental to the plot, no need to read it first.

The narrative actually begins in “Never Let Me Go”, released in 2021. In it we follow the Brazilian Ana joining the Chae family to get married, under signed contract, with some of the korean kids. When the mother figure of the tycoon family starts her plan to introduce her children to the young, a parallel investigation is initiated by someone who is not satisfied with the situation. In the midst of past secrets and veiled lies, the Chae family finds themselves cornered like years ago, but this time someone knows the whole truth. Would Ana be involved with these secret truths?

With writing full of lessons and reflections on important topics, “Chae Brothers” marks the trajectory of Binha Cibelle in national literature. in the week of release, "Between us" reached the TOP 50 in the overall ranking of best-selling eBooks on Amazon Brazil, and “Never Let Me Go” advanced in the ranking reaching the TOP 30 of the same category.

“I am already working on the next book in the series., The launch is scheduled for the first half of this year”, Binha Cibelle works on the development of the next book. All the author's titles are for sale on Amazon Brazil, including “Chae Brothers” and the romance "I just want you to know".

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Synopsis Between Us (Chae Brothers Series – Book 0,5)


Love found them in pieces.

when least expected, He showed up.

in unconventional ways, invaded them, entering through your doors, elevators, presidential rooms, parades and… stairs.

but in the past, It took only twenty-four hours for the six brothers' lives to change completely.. After that, they were never the same.

6 hearts.
6 mysteries.
6 tragedies.
6 amores.

Between encounters and disagreements, will these brothers be able to recognize the beginning of a great love story?

Synopsis Never Let Me Go (Brother Chae series – Book 1)

Suddenly, a marriage of convenience.

Tossed around in the midst of a family he doesn't know, Ana finds herself grappling with the implications of leaving her whole life behind..
It's when the unimaginable becomes real that she suspects she can find in the Chae much more than a compulsory union.. In addition to the extensive menu of brothers to choose from, it turns out to be much better than the order, thing she intends to enjoy.

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But something is not right, and, while Ana discovers new facets of her own personality, someone digs into her past for the secrets she doesn't want to let on.

Is Ana Fernandes as fragile and innocent as she appears?

Enemies to lovers, “one bed only”, a delicious family, Mystery and action are just some of the ingredients that make “Don't ever let me go” an addictive read..

"Don't Let Me Go" is the first book in the series by the Chae brothers..

You don't need to read Entre Nós to read Never Let Me Go. But you will understand much better if, when finishing NMSJ, go back and read Entre Nós, ok?!

About the author

Binha Cibelle is from Minas Gerais, married, writer, dorameira, has twenty-eight lying winters (where she lives it's never cold), and discovered, after an identity crisis, who could put into words the craziness lived in your head, turning them into stories you thought no one would read.

luckily was surprised. His novels currently have more than 1 million online reads and 1500 physical books sold.

It can be found embarrassing others and posting stories there — and fanfics — on:

WebSite: autorabinhacibelle.wixsite.com/binhacibelle
Instagram – @literallybinha
Tiktok – Binha Cibelle.
Twitter – @BinhaCibelle
Wattpad – @Binha-Cibelle

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