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“What is an engraving?”, by Mayk Souza

In the contemporary globalized world, information is disseminated in a wide and agile way in different ways. Digital media are presented as the main elements for the transmission of data and or information. However, in the past, the engraving was a ...

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Open registration for the 8th Contest Our People Our Art

Pharmacies Network Action Pay Less will award up to R $ 4.500 paintings, engravings and collages on the theme "Love is what binds us" Until the day 16 July (Tuesday), They are open enrollment to participate in the 8th ...

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Museum of engraving opens two exhibitions on Friday

The Museum of the City of Curitiba engraving opens two collective exhibitions on Friday (15/6), at 19h. There are more than 100 participating artists to exhibit his prints in the exhibition "Exchange Portfolio" and their designs made from an array ...

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More art gallery promotes PORTFOLIO #4, The fourth Shows the space that has less than a year of activity

Curated by Edward Ball and Duílio Ferronato, shows brings in works, mosaico, painting and installation of Ana Calzavara, Kenneth Velludo, Felipe Guimarães and Ida Feldman about to complete your first year of life, the MORE your opens ART GALLERY ...

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Solar do Barão presents exhibition of Dumke and collective of photographers Rones

The Manor of Baron opens this Thursday (17) new exhibitions: "The art of illuminating Dumke Saila", "Jerusalem – Solange Benasulin Photos", "Bodies-Paraná Photographers Conference" and "portraits with Coffee", de Dirceu Veiga. O artist Rums ...

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