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Fernanda Keller, Ambassador, featured. Photo: Sergio Melo.

Fernanda Keller, Ironman Brasil's five-time champion, do tomorrow, farm, day 25 of June, Live “Overcoming challenges”

Through a project of several Estácio campuses, the triathlete will talk about how to face the challenges of today, from its successful trajectory in sport Rio de Janeiro – June 2020 – Com tantas mudanças ...

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Live - Favela social activism in the pandemic scenario, MAR. Disclosure.

MAR debates social activism in favelas in the context of the pandemic

The Art Museum of the river-SEA, under the Institute's management Odeon, this Thursday (18/6), às 17h, a live to debate favela social activism in the pandemic scenario. A conversa contará com dois moradores atuantes do ...

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Jack Jolene At Home. Photo: Márcia Beatriz Granero.

Márcia Beatriz Granero launches series of her character Jaque Jolene

Visual artist of video art and photography debuts weekly format on her instagram Alone and indoors. A certain social isolation has always been part of the reality of Jaque Jolene. Unlike the pandemic situation in which the world finds itself, ela ...

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1the. Instrumental Music Festival Online – Among festival & listen

Organized by musician Joab Kings, It will happen today, 2ª.feira, Thursday, in the days 23, 24, 25 and 26 March, live on Instagram. The festival will bring together 50 Brazil's musicians, Portugal e EUA e conta com alguns nomes ...

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Media Agency CEO opens up about how to achieve the dream verification seal Instagram

A MF Press Global, media relations and social media company with headquarters in Brazil, US and Portugal, It is an international company that most filed check seal applications on Instagram, accounting for more than 500 requests. ...

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