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Bieta, multilometric. Photo: Gabriela Palha.

Multimedia artist, Bieta launches 'Divina Royalty' this Saturday, day 3 July, on digital platforms

Born in Porto Alegre, the multi-artist who resides, today, in Rio de Janeiro, releases clip inspired by the rich diasporic African heritage Performer Bieta releases this Saturday, day 03 July, on digital platforms, the video for the single Divina Realeza, ...

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Or Hybrid, Robson Catalonia. Photo: Tiago Macambira.

Immersive 360 ​​° experience The Hybrid, Robson Catalunya extends season

Work in virtual reality, that mixes theater, cinema and performance can be checked up to 2 May After presentations in Brazil and abroad, the performance THE HYBRID, by Robson Catalunya, gains new artistic and technological contours with the intention ...

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Aline Guimarães in performance "Everything Balances Because God Dances". Photo: Disclosure.

After performing at sea, Aline Guimarães enters the forest in a play directed by Álamo Facó

Performance will be held at Parque Lage The play “Tudo Balança Because Deus Dança”, inspirada em uma obra escrita por Aline Guimarães com o mesmo nome, já arrastou o público para alto mar e agora a autora arrastará os espectadores para uma ...

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‘WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ - 4th Performance, featured. Disclosure.

‘WHO'S LEAVE IS SOMEONE'S LOVE’ – 4ª Performance

4ª Performance / Silent Vigil of cultural workers will pay tribute to indigenous peoples Act will take place at the National Theater, from 5:30 pm From the 1st of June, every Monday of the month has been characterized by performances to the ...

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Performance "WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE", featured. Disclosure.


Performance / homage directed by Hugo Rodas and artists from Brasilia Workers and cultural workers from Brasilia will take to the streets in solidarity with those who lost their loved ones and to honor those who left. Mobilization is ...

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Eduardo Climachauska makes performance with lyric tenor at the Earth's Core

The artist, composer and filmmaker Climate (Eduardo Climachauska) It presents day 5 November, Tuesday, at 8:0 pm, new performance at the Center of the Earth. Ride, Clown! It is a blend of performance and show with the participation of the opera singer Giovanni Tristacci, ...

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Art Meeting in the Reading Room (RJ)

Artists promote afternoon of video art, performance and chat in the Library-Park, with free admission. Event takes place from 14h to 18h, around the group exhibition Reading Room, on display on site. Osvaldo Carvalho signs the curatorial, Leah organization ...

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Maikon K, DNA DAN. Photo: Victor Nomoto.

Penultimate day of the Contemporary Scene will feature historical photo and Shahla performance K

O maior festival de teatro do Centro-Oeste irá receber o trabalho do artista curitibano detido durante apresentação no Museu da República, em Brasília Há dois meses, the Contemporary Scene began to orchestrate a photo-protest to close editing 2017, ...

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Contamination – Performance Display The Reader, Alexander D ' Angeli, happens day 8 April

ALEXANDRE D’ANGELI APRESENTA O LEITOR NO SESC IPIRANGA Ação integra a programação da Exposição Contaminações, que coloca em evidência três obras importantes para a literatura brasileira: Zero (1974), of Ignacio de Loyola Brandão; The concert of João Gilberto in Rio de Janeiro (1982), from ...

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Performer Alexander d'angeli does Occupation in the Villa Carmelita

Artist participates in the Second project of Performance with six different actions. Destaque para Resíduo apresentada recentemente em Portugal e Listening to the Sheep Sleeping com textos de Caco Galhardo Com o propósito de investigar além da performance, elementos da arte ambiente ...

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