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Mediated visit in LIBRAS on Thursdays and Saturdays, at 4:00 pm. Photo: Disclosure.

In March, the inclusive program of the CCBB Educativo offers mediated visits, children's workshops, courses and more!

Ministério do Turismo e Banco do Brasil apresentam BB DTVM apresenta e patrocina Acessibilidade e inclusão são princípios que pautam todas as ações do Programa CCBB Educativo – Arte & Educação para contribuir com um ambiente propício à pesquisa, creation ...

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CINE ODEON, Tour held in 2019. Photo: Thiago DiniZ.

Rolé Carioca expands shares in 2021: residents' memories, reflections on the city and film shows are on the program

A cidade como um palco onde a vida de milhões de pessoas acontece, cotidianamente e na prática. Em que cidade vivemos? Que cidade queremos? Como torná-la mais inclusiva e agregadora? O Rolé Carioca inicia o ano com uma série de ...

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MARGARETH Series, produced by CAW - Independent Artists. Photo: Disclosure.

Art and Scenography of the MARGARETH Series stands out

Aconteceu no último domingo no Hotel Mercure em Nova Iguaçu, o lançamento oficial da Série MARGARETH, produced by CAW (@cawoficial), um coletivo para Artistas Independentes. A Série terá alguns episódios ambientado em Nova Iguaçu, que também contará com artistas da ...

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Inflorescences, Esther Bonder. Photo: Gabi career.

Esther Bonder exhibits unpublished works in “Eva's Wedding”

Sensory show is on display at Galeria Márcia Barrozo do Amaral from 1st to 26 March Inspired by the text by writer Nilton Bonder entitled Eva's Wedding, that elucidates issues of human relations from Adam and Eve ...

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Estação da Luz, São Paulo, exhibition "Luz no Brasil"" by Françoise Schein. Photo: Disclosure.

Opening of the exhibition “Light in Brazil” by Belgian artist Françoise Schein with urban panels inspired by human rights

Ministry of Tourism, Special Secretariat of Culture Caixa Seguradora KDB PARTNERS present Luz no Brasil Exhibition that marks the reopening of the Paço Imperial, along the trajectory of the Belgian artist Françoise Schein, celebrating 20 years of experience in Brazil with public works on ...

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04 - Vicente de Mello - Circus - Oblique Limit series.

Vicente de Mello's poetics of light in “Limite Oblíquo”

Federal Government, State Government of Rio de Janeiro, State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro, through the Law Aldir Blanc present Vicente de Mello's poetics of light in “Limite Oblíquo” The new ...

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Book & quot; The lonely bird" Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Book brings reflections on isolation and hope

A book that shows the poet's desire in search of communication with the world to share his symbolisms, doubts and messages of hope. That's the proposal of The lonely bird, work by Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, published by Editora ...

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Telefilme "From Flower to Flower", backstage - Sávio Moll and Babi Xavier. Photo: Disclosure.

Telefilm “From Flower to Flower”, shot in Curicica, will be launching in the second half

The work, with Babi Xavier and a great cast, will be filled with a lot of suspense Rio de Janeiro - February 2021 – Francisco Malta – coordinator of the Cinema course at Estácio - and Flávia Cortes are the screenwriters of the telefilm “De Flor ...

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LETTERS Exhibition, poster. Disclosure.

CARTAS Exhibition begins Creative Process with Virtual Image Distribution

The Exhibition LETTERS “an old dialogue” will be virtual and collective with more than 30 Artists from all over Brazil. It is part of the official program of the CAWCINE National Festival. The exhibition's creative process has already started and artists can register. ...

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Book & quot; Niterói in Facts and Photos" by Antonio Schumacher, cover. Disclosure.

Photographer launches book with unpublished photos of important points of Niterói

Antonio Schumacher, photographer in love with his city, presents the book Niterói Em Fatos e Fotos to the public, published under the seal of DB Editora. The work, richly produced, features 50 of the main historical and cultural points of Niterói, most heritage listed. The book is ...

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