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Alliance Française presents exhibition of Pierre Verger about Rio de Janeiro

Alliance Française presents exhibition of Pierre Verger about Rio de Janeiro

Curated by Milton Guran, show brings together photographs of the town in the years 40 and 50

In honor of 450 years of the city of Rio de Janeiro and celebrating 130 years of Alliance Française in Brazil will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 10, the show "Pierre Fatumbi Verger River ". The public can get close to a selection of images of the photographer carried out in years 40 and 50.

The opening takes place at 6:30 pm, in the Auditorium of the Alliance Française of Botafogo, with the talk of the historian André Rouillé on the work of Pierre Verger and documentary crisis through which passes the photo. Already at 8:0 pm, in the gallery which is located at the same address, will be inaugurated the exhibition "Pierre Fatumbi Verger River". The project is curated by Milton Guran, Director of the FotoRio, and was created in partnership with the Alliance Française and the Pierre Verger Foundation.

"Not only the visual testimony of Verger is beyond appropriate at this moment that the city thinks and if you're you know ', how the copies are treasures that hark back to an era that has passed, copies of these exist only in museums ", comments the curator Milton Guran on the rarity of the technique pictures. "Are impressions in analog process in cotton paper that is no longer today, face-in selenium (museal process), a type of product that is not seen between us for a long time, even more than size ", complete.

One of the foci of the photograph of the artist was Bahia, He met in 1946. Fascinated by the colors and culture, Verger found in candomble what he believed to be the source of vitality and energy of the people, becoming a fan of religion. Candomblé, including, was the reason of the trips to Africa where the photographer has studied African culture, his religion and became Fatumbí (son of Thunder).

In the period in which registered Rio de Janeiro the photographer was fascinated with the breathtaking scenery of the city, the figure and its form of expression and celebration of life. His keen eyes picked up the movement, the Carnival, the beaches and mountains. The selection of fifteen photographs presented in this exhibition reveal aspects of the daily life of more than half a century ago and, and, enrich the understanding of this.

The gallery that will settle in the work of Pierre Verger has recently received shows how by Vincent Rosenblatt, "Hit Ball – River, Secret Carnival ", and Emmanuelle Bernard, with the exhibition "Ginga". The three photographers present their perspectives and their relationship with the Brazil registering the musicality, the customs, the traditions and their daily lives. To receive the exhibition space has been through adjustments of precise control of temperature and humidity to ensure the preservation of the acquis. From now on the Gallery of the Alliance Française of Botafogo is able to receive international standards shows.

About the artist

Pierre Edouard Leopold Verger (1902-1996) was a French artist, Ethnologist, anthropologist and researcher who lived most of his life in the city of Salvador. Verger has developed a photographic work of great importance, based on everyday life and popular culture from five continents. Also wrote several reference texts about the African-Bahian culture and the African diaspora, focusing his research on the study of the religious aspects of candomblé, a question that becomes its main point of interest. As developer and researcher invited to several universities, who discloses his research in lectures, books and articles. In 1960, Verger buys a small house in Salvador, in the Village America. Late 1970 see him detaching from photography and performing his last research trips in Africa. In 1988 creates the Pierre Verger Foundation, which donor and President, gradually turning your House into a Research Center. Pierre Verger died on 11 February 1996, leaving the Foundation with the task of carrying on with their work.

About the Alliance Française

The French Alliance celebrates 130 years of activities in Brazil 2015. Besides being a reference in the language, she is, no doubt, the most respected institution and known the world, when it comes to the spread of the French language and Francophone cultures. She has, currently, more than 850 units 135 countries, where they study about 500.000 students. In France, it has schools and cultural centers for foreign students. Brazil has the world's largest network of French Alliances with 40 associations and 69 units.

It is the only institution in Brazil authorized by the Embassy of France, to apply the tests that give access to international diplomas DELF and DALF, recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. The French Alliance is also the center of official exams for the application of international tests valid for two years TCF (The French Knowledge Test) and TEF (French Assessment Test) and the national test valid for one year Capes (recognized by agencies CAPES and CNPq MEC). The French Alliance in Brazil develops partnerships with numerous French and Brazilian companies as well as being an essential actor Franco-Brazilian cultural dialogue.


Exhibition Pierre Fatumbi Verger River ".

Opening: on wednesday, 10 of June

Lecture with André Rouillé at 6:30 pm in the Auditorium of the Alliance Française, and then, at 8:0 pm, Vernissage at Gallery of the Alliance Francaise de Botafogo

Exhibition: from 11 from June to 7 th July 2015

Visitation: Monday to Friday, from 10 h to 20h – Saturday: from 9 to h 13 hours.

Gallery Botafogo French Alliance

Rua Muniz Barreto, 746 – www.rioaliancafrancesa.com.br

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