Fernanda Sanchez creates a brand of paintings that uses wood from reforestation

Brazilian photographer, businesswoman and specialist in newborn photography, explains that the pieces are unique and handcrafted

The development of an enterprise is a journey full of challenges and obstacles, and when it comes to women entrepreneurs, these difficulties often intensify.


Despite advances in gender equality, there are still cultural barriers, social and economic factors that affect their ability to thrive in the business world.

Lack of access to finance, gender bias and traditional expectations are just some of the issues that negatively impact the growth and success of women-led businesses. However, some manage to turn their visions into reality.

To photographer Fernanda Sanchez, for example, Brazilian pioneer and international reference in the field of newborn photography, accumulating over 15 years of experience in this field, is the founder of La Madera, brand that develops exclusive frame pieces, that unite photography and design with craft productions using raw materials from forest management.

According to the businesswoman, the idea arose in 2016. “During a trip to Scotland, I saw a handmade Dutch painting and I fell in love with it, because there was nothing like it in Brazil. I saw the opportunity to replicate a similar scenario with Brazilian photographers, that could profit even more by offering these parts to their customers. I started a partnership with my father and we got together with some artisans to do initial projects and launch products. After many tests and fine-tuned details, we found a unique concept”, reveals.

Fernanda defines La Madera products as the perfect combination between the rustic trend, the originality of the contemporary and the irreverence of art. “These are exclusive pieces in Brazil, that use raw materials from forest management, uniting design, handcrafted production and memorable moments. It is elegance transformed into a unique article”, declares.

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Reception of the brand's products was extremely positive in the market. “We did a launch with influential photographers from each area of ​​photography, like marriage, family and landscaping. As it was a totally new product in the country and with superior quality, it was very well accepted. It was amazing, also, for professionals, who can sell the parts at a good profit margin, in addition to offering a sustainable and differentiated article to their customers”, reports.

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The brand's most successful line is Woodblocks, that features enlargement on a professional photographic paper, velvety matte bopp finish, UV ray protection, rounded corners by hand and can be requested in the most diverse formats. "From time to time, we launch new products and accessories that add value to the brand's catalog, directly helping our partners who sell La Madera pieces”, scores Fernanda.

for the businesswoman, Brand products are unique. “The raw material of the Woodblocks line comes from reforestation and from suppliers with FSC certification, while the WoodFrames line is made with reused wood from demolitions. Even so, the great differential is the artisanal production process and manual finishing done by our artisans”, ends.

About Fernanda Sanchez

Brazilian precursor and international reference in photography newborn over 15 years of experience photographing newborns. He studied and photographed with world references, in Europe, Australia, United Kingdom and United States, about Newborn Photography, beyond neonatal physiology, visagism and postpartum psychology.

speaker since 2011 of the biggest photography congresses in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. teacher with more than 2000 hours teaching courses for photographers all over Brazil, Latin America and United States. Jury of the biggest photography contests in the world, como Inspiration Photographers, Outstanding Awards, Newborn Lovers, Yellow, among others.

Published the first educational DVD in Brazil about Newborn Photography. Creator of Cotton the Posing Doll, the first positioning doll in Latin America. For more info, visit fersanchezstudio.com or @studiofersanchez


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