Exhibition at the Memorial reveals human geometry Tomie Ohtake


Already installed in the Hall Paranaguá, on the first floor of City Memorial, Tomie Ohtake exhibition in Curitiba – figures, cracks and gaps, open late on Wednesday (18/07), at 19h. The displays have free entry and runs until day 30 September.

Composting for paintings, engravings and sculptures, shows conclude 110 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil and addresses the three main work areas of the artist considered the "lady of Brazilian art".

The exhibition features paintings, in the first embodiment art Ohtake, prints developed in screen printing, lithography and metal and three copies of its tubular sculpture reverse curves, which are thin metal parts, that seem to hover on the environment. The works cover the period of the year 1970 to 2014. And encompass the three brackets that built the particular abstract universe of Tomie. The text of Carolina de Angelis and Paulo Miyada trustees, that is exposed on the wall of the room explains the construction process of the particular abstract universe of Tomie.


According to the healing Carolina Angelis, the public will be able to check a small sample of the Japanese-Brazilian artist production. "It's a brief sample, because as we know, of the 101 years of the Tomie, sixty of them it was producing. Was an artist who began with painting and has been extending its work for engraving, for sculptures, to reach the large-scale sculptures, as public works ", explains.

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for Carolina, Tomie was essentially an abstract artist and had a very consistent research throughout his career. "She always prized the gesture, color and texture. And when we speak of the gesture, we can think of soft geometry. There is a mathematical geometry, quite the opposite, Geometry is a human, fluid, what our own hand can do ", the firm.

The President of the Tomie Ohtake Institute and son of the artist, Ricardo Ohtake reveals his impressions of the work of Tomie. "I had a very close relationship with my mother. between her, Ruy my brother and I had a lot of dialogue about the work of each. Glad to see the works of Tomie gathered in this exhibition, which together reaffirms its creative independence and an absolutely timeless production ", the firm.

Tomie Ohtake Exhibition in Curitiba - Vultos, cracks and gaps
Opening: 18 July, at 19h
Local: Memorial Curitiba - Paranaguá Hall (1º andar) - Claudino dos Santos Street, 79
Visitation: 9h to 12:00 and 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (3the Friday) and 9:00 to 3:00 pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
On display until 30 September
Free Entry


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