Instituto Tomie Ohtake inaugurates the exhibition “the worse, worse” by Fernando Lindote

Opening: Day 02 March, at 19h – on until 23 April 2023


Two decades after her first solo show at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, held in the first year of operation of the space in São Paulo, Fernando Lindote returns to present his recent production at the show the worse, worse.

Curated by Paulo Miyada and Julia Cavazzini, from the Research and Curatorship Center of the Tomie Ohtake Institute, the exhibition is centered on the dense and immersive presentation of 26 paintings made between 2010 and 2023, that show the artist's interest in the image of the tropical jungle, to which are added some previous works, of varied media.

“There is something about Lindote that refers to the mythological figure of Sisyphus, who every day pushes a heavy stone up the mountain, doomed to see it roll over and have to restart its work. The ideas of repetition, labor and failure permeate Lindote's entire trajectory, whether in the way each work is made in the obstinate confrontation of materials and processes, either in their perception of the historical and social context”, highlights the duo of curators.


According to Miyada and Cavazzini, in the series of paintings things turn to ruins, forming a humid and voracious jungle, entropy accelerator that consumes the conjugated future in country projects. “It is not sunny; painting is not a way to achieve beauty. The Brazil portrayed by the colonial machine failed, turn around. the worse, worse. There is nothing in the ability to inhabit chaos that relativizes this certainty.. the worse, worse – and this is no reason for indifference. It is a reason for the obstinacy of making repetition the engine of persistence”, complete.

On 28 March, 19h, curators Paulo Herkenhoff, Paulo Miyada and Julia Cavazzini participate in a chat with the artist at Instituto Tomie Ohtake. The event also marks the launch of the book Fernando Lindote: don't despair for a style, designed, organized and written by Paulo Herkenhoff.

With a preface signed by Raúl Antelo, the book is divided into 27 chapters with essays that address different series, moments or sets of the career of the artist Fernando Lindote.

The texts bring thought-provoking descriptions of the artist's work, as well as a critical view of the works, inserting them in the panorama of contemporary art, combining images of works by Lindote (paintings, sculptures, videos, performances, facilities, printed) with reference images from Art History.

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Fernando Lindote (RS, 1960 – Lives and works in Florianópolis) Born in Sant'Ana do Livramento on the border of Rio Grande do Sul with Uruguay, Fernando Lindote began his trajectory at the end of the 1970.

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He began as a cartoonist and cartoonist in newspapers in Rio Grande do Sul and entered the visual arts as a restless figure., immersed in an inexhaustible practice with performance, photography, installation, painting and sculpture, without ever interrupting his relationship with drawing.

Most of his production was made in Florianópolis, island where he settled 1983.

The Artist, nominated for the Pipa Prize in 2015, gathers among its individual: “INN – Image Circulation Device”, Flávio de Carvalho Gallery, FUNARTE, São Paulo, SP, 2014; “The Discreet Sovereign”, São Paulo, SP, 2013, “1971 – the split of the surface”, in the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2012, “Cosmorelief”, at BADESC Cultural Foundation, Florianópolis, SC, in 2011,”All Images of the World”, at the Hassis Foundation, Florianópolis, SC, in 2010, “Antelo Drawings” at Nara Roesler Gallery, São Paulo, SP, in 2008, "3D3M", at the Mariantonia University Center, São Paulo, SP, 2008, “Body Experiences”, in Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo, SP, 2002, "Very close", Victor Meirelles Museum, Florianópolis, SC 2002, “Eater, XII Engraving Exhibition Museum of Engraving”, Curitiba, PR, 2000, “Private Theater”, no mam-rio, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, in 1999, “Fly Eye”, MEN'S, Santa Catarina, SC, in 1999.

Exhibition: Fernando Lindote – The worse, worse
Opening: 02 March 2023, at 19h
By 23 April 2023
Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm – free entry
It is recommended to use a mask

Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Av. Faria Lima 201 (Coropés Street entrance 88) – Pine Trees SP
Nearest metro – Faria Lima Station/Line 4 - Yellow
Phone: 11 2245 1900


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