Painting Exhibition at El Greco Museum, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Mother of memories, lover of lovers,
Oh you, my joy and my great duty!
There, you will remember the stunning caresses,
the sweetness of home, the scent of the evening,
Mother of memories, lover of lovers!

Nights shining with the heat of coal,
And the nights on the balcony with rosy hues!
How sweet was your breast and how good your heart!
We said the happiest things many times,
Nights shining with the heat of coal.
(BAUDELAIRE, 2006, p. 48)


Memory can be relentless, arranges its arguments randomly, stir dinners, promotes sensations already gone, enhances odors and flavors, encourages the eye through colors and, often harbors thoughts.

Missing you knock on the door, bring nostalgia, awaken sighs and impulses to go back in time. This judgment served as inspiration for the artist Magdalena Wozniak Melissourgaki, ambassador of Greece, to the Academy of Art Mondial.

The artist's series of works is a narrative about the passage of time, about life and is on display at the Domenikos Theotokopoulos museum, in Greece, the El Greco Museum.


And nothing more beautiful to represent time and the past than mosaics, putting together excerpts, little pieces of moments, made a delicious game of assembling pieces. Also used as an artistic technique, the mosaic brings together elements as pieces, glass and ceramics; and comes back to Classical Antiquity of Art, serving as inspiration, later to techniques such as Pointillism, whose great representative was Seurat (1859-1891).

Using natural marble, the series of 11 mosaics by the artist and also curator of the exhibition, portrays the story of life, through a narrative about the passage of time, with fragments of scenes.

As the artist herself states, the “torn shapes resemble pieces of photographs. Broken objects are like traces left by people. The emerging faces of people from other times who have passed away leaving memories of past times. I blurred and emphasized the fading of your memory, destiny and past, reducing the number of elements in each subsequent mosaic. The mosaics, the units of the composition, are a symbol of the passage of time. I came to the conclusion that many things change over the centuries: architecture, costumes, clothing, Mentality, but human feelings remain the same, love, longing and hope. Separations and memories!.“

Internationally recognized, as well as his work, Magdalena also defines her new exhibition with a snippet of a song:

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"Like the wind, my youth passed and was lost

Too bad I didn't have time to make more mistakes

Life is air and passes silently

It’s just that it takes a nap and doesn’t update again.”

As part of the scene, old objects, photographs and letters are displayed in the center of the exhibition room, taking you on a journey to the distant past. The whole picture seems to reveal memories, in an attempt to narrate the past to contemporary people. The colors of the mosaics match the old photos, faded, half torn apart, as if they themselves formed a mosaic.

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Official Opening: 21 October 2023

Exhibition Period: 21 October to 5 th November of 2023

Time: from 9 to 19 hours


  1. BAUDELAIRE, Charles. As Flores do Mal. São Paulo: Martin Claret, 2006.

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