Artcom Expo – Greece, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

I am the earth, I am the life.
From my clay came first the man.
From me came the woman and came the love.
The tree came, the wellspring came.
The fruit comes and the flower comes.
I am the great universal mother.
Your daughter, your betrothed and bride.
The woman and the womb that fruitful.
I am the plot, pregnancy, I am love.
(CORALINA, 2004, p. 311)


The words of a great woman of our Literature enchant us with such delicacy, for so much poetry. And Poetry is also the gift that Art offers to our eyes, through colors and shapes.

And this time Art spread Poetry across Greece, by the hands of art curator Jiselda Salbu, da Artcom Expo International Association of the Artists.

full of colors, the light and ilminate walls of the charming Chalkos gallery were colored by the works of different artists from different countries, each with its unique features, with your unique language.


Art has these things, she is mutant, fleeting, impermanent. Its fruit is in the thought, in the unspoken word, in irreverence.

All the diversity of the works was clear in each one of them., through the use of warm or cool colors, through painting, Photography or Sculpture.

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The shows which began in 28 of June, ended in 2 July and took place in the city of Thessaloniki, in Greece. The wonderful opening once again showed the professionalism of the curator and director of Artcom Expo.

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Artcom Expo International Association of the Artists
19 The clocks, 6730 Davik Norway
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CORALINA, Cora. Melhores Poemas: Cora Coralina. São Paulo: Editora Global, 2004.

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