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Jota Quest. Photo: Disclosure.

River station takes Jota Quest and Projota the São João de Meriti

Artists perform at the Globe musical project
on 25 October, Sunday, a partir the 19h

Projota. Photo: Bob Wolfenson.

Projota. Photo: Bob Wolfenson.

Pop Rock Jota Quest and Projota rap shake St. Johns Wood in the next edition of Rio Station, What happens on the day 25 October, Sunday. The attractions will perform on stage set in the Three Powers Square, a partir the 19h, and the shows will feature live broadcast by Gshow (gshow.com).

Moving between romantic ballads and topics such as overcoming and social criticism, Projota present successes of his first official album "Focus, Strength and faith", released in 2014. The rapper's repertoire has inspired compositions in his career as a "Letter to My", "While you were Sleeping", "The man had not Nothing" and "Woman".

A year and a half on the road with the CD tour “Funky Funky Boom Boom”, Jota Quest leads to St Johns Wood the show "Guy Ball", packed by tracks “Nice job”, “Waiting For You”, “Within a hug” and “Reggae Town” - the latter recently launched in partnership with the band Natiruts. The show Miners also includes the hits “Find someone”, “in Moral”, “On your side” and “Just today”.

River Station

The River Station, conducted by the Globe sponsored by Coca-Cola, TIM and Multi Market support, aims to create opportunities for community living and appreciation of cultural traditions to the population.

Between the 27 attractions of the first season, the audience gave performances of artists such as Naldo, Beauty, Pericles, Black Race, Monoblock, Cidade Negra and before the throne, that amounted to 40 hours of music. With ten presenters, the project toured four cities (Duque de Caxias, Mosque, Japeri and Curitiba), four communities (Complexo do Alemão, Manguinhos, Cashew and complex city of God), a neighborhood (Anchieta) and a park (Quinta da Boa Vista).

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The second season of the River Station took the stage Thiago Martins, Nxzero, Cristiano Araujo, 7 Top, Forfun, Natiruts, Lucas Matthew, Hoang, Preta Gil, Spring line, Swing & Sympathy, Revelation, Bangalafumenga, Lenin, Imaginasamba, Great River, Streetcar of wonders, Art Popular, Sorriso Maroto, Father Omar and Daniel. The attractions were the audience of five municipalities (Tanguá, Mangaratiba, Duque de Caxias-Baixada Reveillon headquarters 2015 -Guapimirim and Niterói), two communities (Monkeys/Old Zoo and Vila Kennedy) and three neighborhoods (Ilha do Governador, Bangu and soccer field).

The third season began in June 2015 with PIP's presentations and Nando Reis in Burned. In the sequel, the project received Latin and Olodum (Palm piscinão Palm) and Ludmilla and Tá na Mind (Belford Roxo).

River Station

Date: 25/10 (Sunday)

Time: From the 7:00 pm

Local: Plaza of the three powers – Av. Presidente Lincoln, s/n, Vilar dos Teles, St. Johns Wood-RJ
Attractions: Projota and Jota Quest
Free Entry


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