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The Facebook and Works of Art

Facebook is a social network, a social networking site, with thousands of people looking at it every day, if só ele, is the generator of the visit of its members, because people come to see what's new, personal interests, know news both people close, people as far away. There is a strong emotional bond involving psychological and Facebook users. Here's the secret to dissemination of works of art by artists. Browse by the mainstream, publish to thousands, participating in the same platform, without the need to seek public as is the case of personal website with your own domain.


Project Art Works on Facebook

Project Art Works, has three features:

• Profile of Friends: www.facebook.com / perfilobrasdarte

The profile friendships seeks to strengthen the bond with each artist, a personal, and live with the day-to-day artists, since they are always publishing new works, exhibitions, opinions segment, and news in general. * This profile by rules of facebook fan page was made in September/15.

The Group: www.facebook.com/groups/obrasdarte

The group is a space brotherhood, with the proposal to unite the artists in a friendly platform to expand their network of relationships, create their albums artwork, exhibiting their works will, publicize your events, their agendas exposure, freely discuss specific topics, receive feedback from other artists and art appreciators, nationally and internationally. It is also a way of enhancing the sector and bring customers the artists, facilitating a marketing channel.

The Page: www.facebook.com/obrasdarte

The page works of art is a showcase rich in publications of works of art, where can be observed the most varied styles of arts, of beginners and established artists. Artists from many places on the planet have been interested in seeing their works published on page, this fact can be observed in the same timeline. Something even more interesting happens, several followers seek Timeline works before they are actually published, and dig directly in the publication of the artist page. Which makes us very satisfied, because they are honoring the page, with this voracious appetite for works of art.

Generally speaking, Facebook proved to be a real solution for artists, they are creating bridges virtual relationship, breaking regional boundaries, and especially continental. In a few glances at the group realizes the interaction between Brazilian artists, Portuguese, Spanish, Argentine, Indians, among others, where also born fruitful relationships, as an example, depending on these contacts, Brazilian artists are sending paintings for exhibition in Argentina, and other gathering to organize exhibitions and events. It is a wealth that happens every day in that circle of friends group.

The main artwork is a proposal bolder, because the scope is larger worldwide, is the bridge, focuses users, and real and true purpose is to promote and disseminate the beautiful works of art to the general public, who likes arts. It is currently about 13.400 members followers of various countries, and still growing, which is very beautiful and healthy.

Among many “Enjoy” and “Share”, works of arts to travel further, they are disclosed to friends of friends of followers, they also end up becoming fans. The Gothic style, many followers identify with the style of a particular artist, learn more and end up looking the same, and send them friend requests, dig your personal page and can still actually purchasing a frame.

More important than having a personal website, the artist is having display their works for many people. No Facebook, Page through the Art Works are actively disseminating the work of artists to the world.


Page Data Works of Art: (number of followers / locality)


The Facebook Site and the Works of Art

Owning a website is very important, but as previously mentioned, have disclosure is much better! Many artists have difficulties with their personal sites. Few hits, little content, often little knowledge of managing a site, among others.

Now it is time for the Works of Art Project on Facebook to have a website. We have a number of interesting followers, that if properly stimulated will be attracted to our site. A structured site, with clean interface, forward with the times, front of an increasingly globalized world.

A space update, search, knowledge dissemination and especially. Right at Home, presents the latest posts, highlights and categories, which are part. In Home About our goals and values ​​are delimited. It is what we want for the future and how enxergamos's what. In Page of Artists, relate all the artists who are part of our group Site, and clicking on their name, Internet users fond of arts, is linked to our Wiki Works of Art, this place where are the details of the artist.

Then, comes the Page Gallery. A virtual gallery with cool features for better visualization of Works of Art, integrated social networks, that is, Like what you there, will be shown on Facebook, drawing the attention of others to also visit.

The Calendar Page, serves for all involved with the Arts, enroll your events for free, Exhibitions, Art exhibitions for the information of all our followers and subscribers.

A Classifieds Page was created for those who have interest to sell works of art. Want to buy or sell? Create an ad in the classifieds!

On Page Partners, as well as the artists have their space, Professionals involved with the segments of Arts, can come forward and offer their services. Special space for art lovers, who write about the same, columnists, writing your texts and share with our audience directly in Home. We learned a lot from them!

The integration of Facebook with the Site, is a very good strategy! Being the page, a vitrine, and the site, a loja. Is it true that the artists and professionals involved, participating site, are released to the World, through such integration. It is important to participate !


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