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The arts and crafts fair BUT.

Arts and crafts fair at the Museum of sacred art

A Museum of sacred art promotes new edition of Arts and crafts fair, whose goal is to support students and partners who develop and make crafts to the public, who attends the Museum and its activities, meet the artisans.

The fair has a wide range of products, several segments, crafts to food, including Food Trucks with delicious options for every taste.

Come join, bring the whole family, prestige and meet the artisans ' work.

More info: www.museuartesacra.org.br

When: 06 August (Saturday)

Time: 11h to 6:00 pm

Information: feiracultural@museuartesacra.org.br

Local: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo

Address: Avenida Tiradentes, 676, Light. Subway Tiradentes.
Free parking (or access alternative): Rua Jorge Miranda, 43

The Museum will provide certificate of participation.

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