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Granilite: uses and applications of the material with a vintage look

Learn how to use the coating that has been successful for more than a century in homes around the world

Mvery common in old buildings, granilite has been used for years on the floors of homes and establishments in general; as it is a very durable material., is easily found in buildings dating back centuries. with its unique look, granilite is composed of a mixture of marble chips, Granite, quartz or glass, mixed with cement or resin. This mixture is what leaves the material with that traditional “shards” effect and an unmistakable vintage look..

In addition to the traditional use in floors, today, granilite has come back to new decorations in different styles and uses. Today, the “print” appears on several items in addition to the floor, like on benches, walls and even decorative items. Get to know tips on how to use the material and take advantage of all its vintage look in decoration.

Granite on the wall

A less obvious and very elegant way to use the coating is to bet on covering the walls of the house.. To make the work easier, it is possible to apply a Wallpaper that imitates the print and the beauty of the material. The tip to leave the environment with a retro look is to use the print on only one wall and bet on the light background.. In this way, the room doesn't feel heavy, and it is possible to dare in the decoration.

Granite in the outdoor area

Lasting for more than 100 years, the material is considered a friend of nature. In addition, In so many cases, the granilite is the result of the reuse of small pieces of minerals that would be discarded. Its eco-friendly proposal blends in perfectly with outdoor environments., such as coatings of garden paths, Barbecue areas and entrance to the residence, for example.

For this type of area, It is recommended to pay attention to the finishing style of the material. I hope the hair will shine in no way, where the surface remains rough and porous, becoming non-slip and preventing accidents.

Granite on countertops

A very common and loved use by new interior designers it's in the kitchen. Because it is a very easy to clean coating, placing granite on countertops and islands brings a vintage look to the decor. In addition, its diversity of colors and granule sizes allows for infinite combinations.

for these cases, opting for the polished finish brings shine to the piece and allows the countertop to look smoother and brighter, making the environment more beautiful and facilitating the preparation of food.

Granilite in decorative items

With the return of the material in the decoration, the appearance of granite is also easily found in various decorative pieces. Design items such as coffee tables and lamps are a great bet to use the material in a discreet way.. With the extensive modernization of the material, you can also find your print on bedding sets, furniture and pillows.

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To make the environment look even more vintage, the bet is on the potted plants with the print. Using the appearance of the “caquinhos” of the granilite is a way to make any flower arrangement even more beautiful.

a durable material, easy to clean and requires very little maintenance, is great value for money in the long run. In addition, the wide diversity of colors, Granite granule sizes and materials allow the possibilities of uses and combinations to be endless and match any environment.

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