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Hotel Toriba, in Campos do Jordao, has a week full of good music

Programming Hotel Toriba, the most musical hotel in Campos do Jordão, this week has many and varied special attractions.

In Thursday, day 17, day when the world celebrates 250 birth years of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Amabile Quartet performs at Fireplace Room, to 19 hours. The Group, integrated by Juan Rossi and Flávio Geraldini, violins, Bruno de Almeida Carlos, Viola, and Denise Ferrari, cello, makes a program centered on movements Allegro of string quartets by the master of Bonn. And close the hearing by performing a string arrangement for the famous fourth movement of the Ninth Symphony.

In Friday, day 18, root music with Rafael Viola & Dinelson. The acclaimed Jordanian guitar duo makes a program that mixes MPB songs with classic Brazilian country style. Among the highlights, for “Rancho Fundo”, “Pilgrimage”, “Jeca's sadness” and “Boy at the Gate”. The presentation is doubled… At 19 hours, at Fireplace Room. And at 8:30 pm on Toribinha Bar & Fondue.

E no Saturday, day 18, lyrical music, with the bass baritone Andrey Mira accompanied by the pianist Karin Long. In the opening part of the recital the singer plays arias from famous operas - among them Don Giovanni, by Mozart, The barber of Seville, of Rossini, and Carmen, by Bizet. After, the program has a tasty selection of Italian songs - from “I do not love you anymore!”, by Paolo Tosti, to “Funiculì, Funiculà”, by Luigi Denza. The event takes place at 19 hours in Fireplace Room, the musical heart of the Hotel Toriba.

further, the Toriba also has solo piano recitals with Antonio Luiz Barker, artistic director of the program Toriba Musical - on Monday and Wednesday, also in Fireplace Room, from 19h15.

Service - The shows Toriba Musical are free for guests of the Toriba and for restaurant customers Plumes and Toribinha Bar & Fondue. For non-guests, tickets at R$ 50,00.
A Hotel Toriba is on Avenida Ernesto Diederichsen 2962, Campos do Jordao, SP. On the web, www.toriba.com.br.
Telephone information and reservations (12) 3668-5000.

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