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Book "Stories of Oppression and Freedom" by Marcelo Douglas, cover - featured. Disclosure.
Book "Stories of Oppression and Freedom" by Marcelo Douglas, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Marcelo Douglas launches the book “STORIES OF OPPRESSION AND FREEDOM”

Historian and political scientist Marcelo Douglas has just completed his most recent book “Histories of Oppression and Freedom” (Ed. Bouquet). It is a historical novel contextualized in five distinct periods of humanity, reporting important and decisive moments in history, against the background of the struggle for freedom revealed by the viewpoint of the weakest actors.

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Marcelo douglas, who is currently a government manager for the Ministry of Economy and has published several books in the area of ​​Public Administration, all by Fundação Getúlio Vargas, embark now on this journey made of battles for freedom.

In the plots presented in the form of a novel, almost a saga of human adventure, it all started with the emergence of private property and the fixation of farmers to the soil, process that chased away freedom and imprisoned man to the future, as Ur's story suggests in the first chapter.

America's dominance and mass extinction of the Indians put Anahí's freedom at stake, mercilessly swallowing millions of lives, demanding an extreme personal struggle, emotionally narrated in the second chapter.

When black slavery crosses the wide ocean and takes its roots in Brazil, Banta's private tragedy embarks together, compromising the possibility of a free existence, as the third plot reveals.

In the next chapter, the fourth, the shocking and horrendous story of Frank under Nazism scrutinizes the moment of greatest inflection of Western society in an overwhelming way, who even today wonder how it all could have happened.

Finally, in the fifth and last chapter, Raul's personal mismatches reveal the pitfalls of modern life, where freedom succumbs along paths, afflictions or supposedly harmless lifestyles, imperceptible or even inevitable.

The stories in the book have in common the tortuous paths that the search for freedom requires, provides or unveils. As in a great theater of existence, imaginary personal dramas were inserted and contextualized in historical moments decisive for humanity, awakening the reader to timeless and important philosophical questions, like ethics and equality.

They are reports of ordinary people - five simple lives - but they eloquently reveal the great problems that men have faced since the beginning of civilization.

“Stories of Oppression and Freedom”, by Marcelo Douglas
Publisher Ramalhete
Book available at: www.editoraramalhete.com.br or amazon.com.br
Suggested value: R$ 45,00

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