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“Minimalizando” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

The 21st century is characterized by the internet age, the globalized world, the excess of information, of social media, our routine race. And for some time here we're appreciating the silence, meditation, the balance, the harmony, the be and don't have, the forms of conscious consumption, respect yourself and the other against a world full of excesses and stimuli.

This whole movement is a new kind of trend is observed through the human behavior and how we react to all this information. This benchmark is the translation of social change, Economic and behavioral, which after a demand of time, matured and we see so much in fashion, as in lifestyle and decoration.

One of the features of minimalism is live with the necessary, without excesses and focus only on what is essential and in our purposes. And as our lifestyle reflects also our way of living, Interior design would not change, we rescued the minimalist style, which arose from a series of artistic and cultural movements in the early 20th century with great influence of Japanese culture and came against the formal and artistic variation until that moment. The main features of this style is to subtract what is unnecessary, have a clean layout and functional with a few furniture, with simple shapes, straight lines with soft colours. Through these features, the home becomes a synonym of comfort and warmth for people to relax and rest after a day's work or the back of a trip.


Through this style, We have clear and light tones, which refer to silence. White colors, off White, Pastel tones have the ability to calm and make the energy of the ambient Pastel tones have the ability to calm and make the energy of the. As the silence creates a healthy space, organized and relaxing stop live, the what in relieves the pressure of everyday life and we found in our House, our privacy, freedom and coziness.


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