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Works by renowned indigenous artist make up the developer's collection for the development

Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto granted works for Alphaz Concept to compose “Art Gallery” of an open-air museum-style condominium with ecological buildings in Minas Gerais


Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto is a renowned artist, social project activist and visual arts teacher. The works of the indigenous mestizo of the Dofurêm Guaianá and Guarani M'bya ethnicities are now part of the Alphaz Concept collection – Brazilian real estate developer that carries out architectural projects with ecological responsibility – where they will give life to the Clube de Arte project, which will be a kind of “open air museum”.

The works of artist complement holdings of some of the most important public and private collections, como Bunker Artspace (USA), Perez Art Museum Miami (USA), Diane Solomon (USA), Sharjah Art Museum (United Arab Emirates), Art Museum of Rio (Brasil) and Alfredo Setúbal (CEO Itausa). In addition, his works have already been awarded by Brazilian and international institutions.


Both Zignnatto and Alphaz care for the environment and are aware of the importance of preserving it.. Because of this, the artist and activist makes his compositions with elements that are in union with sustainability, just as the developer builds with ecological materials.

“Mestiçagem” is one of the artist’s outstanding works. for your production, he recycled discarded materials from construction sites. Due to the representation that the work brings, she will be one of those who now make up the Art Club. “This work conception process is in perfect synergy with the philosophy of Alphaz and its projects with eco-sustainable technologies”, report Luigi Scianni Romano, founding partner of Alphaz Concept.


“I am sincerely grateful, so much for having a set of works from the most important moments of my artistic production under the care of Alphaz, but also for knowing that these works are part of the artistic collection of a company so well connected with nature, this being a concern that is always present in my research”, says Andrey Zignnatto.

The development of the developer is being built in Passa Quatro (MG), in the Serra da Mantiqueira.

Artistic and sustainable concept

The objective is to unite architecture with art and sustainability in a single axis. For this, homes will have sustainable solutions such as photovoltaic energy systems, biodigester, will use reused materials such as reforestation wood and, instead of being built with traditional bricks, ecological bricks will be used.

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The artistic proposal of the enterprise starts from a tropeiro house that exists in the place for more than 100 years and which will be restored by Silvio Oksman, heritage architect specialist, and who signs the project of residences for living in the place. The curator and artistic director of Alphaz Arte Clube is André Weller. In addition to Andrey Zignnatto, other renowned Brazilian contemporary artists such as Iole de Freitas, Eduardo Coimbra and Raul Mourao, will idealize exclusive works for the enterprise.

Sobre a Alphaz Concept

Alphaz Concept is a Brazilian developer that executes signed architecture projects with ecological responsibility.

The company follows the most modern trends in ecologically viable buildings, cost-optimized practices and, above all, a product with high added value that generates profitability for owners.

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Alphaz Concept developments are equipped with sustainable solutions such as photovoltaic solar panels, biodigester systems for sewage treatment, rain water catchers, organic compost and bins for selective collection.

Alphaz Concept also has the differential of working with renowned technical partners, as the architect Silvio Oksman. And ambassadors engaged with the environmental cause, like supermodels Laís Ribeiro and Isabeli Fontana, o singer Di Ferrero, businessman Leandro D'Lucca and actress Deborah Secco.

Currently, Alphaz Concept develops projects in the southern regions of the state of Minas Gerais, Paraíba Valley, Bahia, Pipa (RN), North Coast of São Paulo (Ubatuba and Ilha Bela), Punta del Este, in Uruguay, and Costa Rica.


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