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Imperial Army Officer Sword, batch 209 - Dutra Auctions, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Official sword of the Imperial Army of Dom Pedro II goes to auction in São Paulo

“Imperial Army Officer sword; leaked guard with the PII emblem under Imperial crown; uncoated wooden handle; smooth blade, no apparent marks; sheath with two rings; 95 cm total length, blade 81 cm and 3 cm ...

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face auction gathers precious pieces of Brazilian sacred art and contemporary works

A collection of 210 lots, with valuable pieces of Brazilian sacred art and also contemporary, It will be auctioned on 22 October from 20.30 at the headquarters of Dutra Auctions, Traditional shot company of rare and historical objects. ...

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Virtual auction has treasures of Brazilian artists

The first edition of the novel "the Frontiersman", que apresenta uma prosa com personagens característicos do sertão brasileiro, de José de Alencar, o livro “Elegias”, de Cecília Meireles e diversas outras obras raras serão arrematadas pelo espaço Dutra Leilões através de um ...

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First Edition Vidas Secas and Grande Sertão Veredas go to auction in São Paulo

The first edition of the book Vidas Secas, novel published in 1938, It depicts the miserable life of a family of retreatants sertanejos forced to move from time to time to areas less punished by drought, with the dedication of the author, ...

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Open SEA the color of Brazil and brings the Abaporu to Rio de Janeiro in the period of the Olympic Games

The color of Brazil To 2 august to 15 January 2016 2and 1st [Gallery B] andar do Pavilhão de Exposições Conversa de Galeria: 2 August, at 11:00 the Museum of art of River-SEA ...

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