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MNBA's Art in Dialogue Project returns with renowned artist Lydio Bandeira de Mello. Disclosure.

MNBA's Art in Dialogue Project returns with renowned artist Lydio Bandeira de Mello, day 18 June 6th

Resuming the Art in Dialogue project – In quarantine, the National Museum of Fine Arts/Ibram exhibits on Friday, day 18 of June, from 16h, a video with artist and teacher Lydio Bandeira de Mello, nome emblemático da ...

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Kiss, 1966, oil on canvas, 100x150cm, Serpa Family Collection. Photo: Jaime Acioli.

Virtual meetings with the curators of the Ivan Serpa exhibition: the expression of concrete set in CCBB-SP until the day 02 August!

Exhibition that brings the most important retrospective of master Ivan Serpa wins virtual events with the exhibition's curators. Days 15 of June, 01 and 15 July – 20 hours Information and registration: bit.ly/Encontros-IvanSerpa Ivan Serpa a expressão do ...

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Claudia Andujar's record, which is part of the ‘A Luta dos Yanomami’ project, is in the exhibition at Galeria Vermelho. Disclosure.

Art Basel OVR: Portals: 6 Brazilian galleries present themselves at the online fair

The Gentle Carioca, Central Gallery, Helm Gallery, Luisa Strina Gallery, Galeria Vermelho and Mendes Wood DM will be in the new edition of Art Basel online viewing room De 16 to 19 de junho acontece mais uma edição online da feira Art ...

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Figure 1 – Vera Itajaí, Self-Portrait, featured.

Exhibition “I'm like this” ICASAA Gallery, by Rosângela Vig

Do not say. This one who gave me body is my Father. This one that gave me body is my Mother. Much more your Father and your Mother are the ones who made you In spirit. And these were numberless. No name. From ...

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Figure 1 – The violinist and the butterflies, Rosângela Vig, 2020.

The Awakening of the Dream in Art, by Rosângela Vig

Renew yourself. Reborn in yourself, Multiply your eyes to see more. Multiply your arms to sow everything. Always be the same. always the other. But always loud. Always far away. And inside everything. (MEIRELES, 1995, Canticle XIII) A ...

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Figure 1 – 8th Junifest Events, featured.

8st. June Festival in Liechtenstein, by Rosângela Vig

In the infinite morning the clouds appeared like madness in a soul And the wind like instinct descended the arms of the trees that strangled the earth… Then came the light, the big sky, to peace two fields… (MATHEW, 2009, p.38) ...

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Mediated visits to the Nise da Silveira exhibition: The Revolution for Affection, featured.

CCBB-Rio highlights the mediated visits to the new exhibition “Nise da Silveira: The Revolution for Affection"

Highlight of CCBB Educativo's face-to-face and remote educational actions – Art & Education are the mediated visits to the new exhibition “Nise da Silveira: The Revolution for Affection", running from the day 9 from june to the day ...

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Oscar Oliveira – “Art, reflection of life", by Edmundo Cavalcanti

1- Where did you born? And what is your academic training? Born in Salvador – Bahia, in 23 th November of 1953, 67 years, I'm from Salvador. Academic training: Systems Analysis and Statistical Sciences. 2- How and when you give your ...

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Sculpture by Paulo Correa. Photo: Paulo Correa.

Registration open for the THREE-DIMENSIONAL VI Exhibition until the day 10.06

THREE-DIMENSIONAL VI Registration open until the day 10 June for a virtual exhibition that arrives in the year of 2021 in its 6th edition Registration for sculptors interested in participating in the TRIDIMENSIONAL VI virtual exhibition is now open, for free, until ...

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Production "Catalepsy" by Priscilla Guedes. Disclosure / MF Global Press.

science and art together: Award-winning Brazilian filmmaker competes in Cannes in a project with the participation of a Brazilian scientist

Film director Priscila Guedes and the PhD, neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu takes the name of Brazilian science to Cannes with support from the Swiss government A production directed by a Brazilian is very close to reaching a new level a ...

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