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Marlon Silva, writer. Photo: Thiago Nunes.

Marlon Silva releases All the Poems I Could Write

Reading has become increasingly distant from reality in the digital world, where phrases, words and posts are enough in many people's lives. However, ainda podemos acreditar na leitura quando pensamos em momentos de reflexão ...

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Evento CAWS. Disclosure.

CAWS Magazine promotes Independent Artists with Event Production

With CAW productions and support from CAWS Magazine, the event will be presented directly from São Gonçalo / RJ o MT do Terminal, Gabriel Caslu and DJ Clayton's participation, Além de um super Ensaio Aberto do Grupo ...

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Free Event Production Course for Youth from Baixada. Photo: Disclosure.

Free Event Production Course for Youth from Baixada

Innovate, qualify, strengthening professionals is what we want. The pandemic has left countless culture makers without income and with no option to generate income, since events were the first and last to be allowed to return, so leaving your ...

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Obra "A Natureza somos nós" - featured, Artist Fabrine Reis.

Exhibition of Valorization and Attention to the Environment

Virtual Exhibition: FORMS OF BEAUTY Curation: CAW Flower shapes, traces of the colors and beauty of the Environment that enchants us for free and we are still not satisfied, maybe if he charges, we will value. 48 Artists from all over Brazil in ...

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Festival CAWCINE. Disclosure.

CAWCINE Festival with Registration for Free Photography Initiation Workshop

CAWCINE is a National Film Festival organized by CAW productions, which aims to encourage and encourage audiovisual works from all over Brazil that have themes of environmental preservation and conservation, but all themes can participate, besides strengthening productions ...

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Reading Good. Disclosure.

CAW Productions – Day 07 de Junho starts motivating texts to improve the soul

In order to encourage reading, poetry and poetic texts, CAW summoned writers and poets from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador to showcase their work on social media, encouraging positive readings, motivational texts and ...

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Virtual Exhibition “Antess do Fim” by artist Ju Yao

Curated by CAW Artist Ju Yao Works built with the internal isolation of others and the isolation of everyone with photography, audiovisual installations and verses. The world has isolated itself, moved away, disconnected and even from afar joined those who most ...

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