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Virtual Exhibition "Trois", Contemporary Art Office. Disclosure.

Virtual Exhibition brings black and white photos of Ouro Preto

TROIS EXHIBITION “The subject's center of gravity is this present synthesis of the past that we call history.” LACAN The Baroque Mineiro developed in Minas Gerais between the 18th and 19th centuries. With its own style and characteristics, movement ...

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Figure 1 - Sandra Rozados pays tribute to her mother and actress Zezé Mota.

Group virtual exhibition “Admirable Woman” – Lotus Gallery, by Rosângela Vig

Fall asleep with the music of life. Be enchanted. Forget it. Dispersion is a pleasure. Don't want to be you. Want to be the infinite soul of everything. Exchange your short human dream for the immortal dream. The only. wins the ...

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Fotografia "Crianças na praia" by Marcia de Freitas Araujo.

CAWE Gallery welcomes Artist Marcia de Freitas de Araujo with the Exhibition Delicadezas da Vida

CAWE Gallery holds virtual exhibitions of Independent Artists from Brazil and abroad. Since 2010 has been showing in-person or virtual techniques, forms and formats of Brazilian art, in addition to International Artists, where visitors can enjoy ...

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Work "Wisdom" de Karen Valentim, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Artist Karen Valentim uses Natural Pigments in her Works at CAWE Gallery

CAWE Gallery holds virtual exhibitions of Independent Artists from Brazil and abroad. Artist Karen Valentim's ANCESTRAL MEMORIES exhibition under the curatorship of CAW, go until the day 20 December. Artist Karen Valentim started her trajectory through the ...

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Paulo Corrêa, artwork. PhoPaulo Correarêa.

TRIDIMENSIONAL exhibition arrives in its 6th edition and will be presented in Gramado/RS

From day 10 th December 2021 to 31 th December 2022, the THREE-DIMENSIONAL VI virtual exhibition, will be presented at the Municipal Center of Culture, in Gramado/RS and on social networks, and curated by Sabrina Stephanou. ...

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Elisa Zattera, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Flow exposure, by artist Elisa Zattera, is on display at the Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery

Project has images of ten abstract sculptures created by Caxiense It is already possible to see the works of the work “Fluxo”, by artist Elisa Zattera, at the Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery at www.sesc-rs.com.br/galeriavirtual, where another seven exhibitions of ...

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Artist Mari Sperandio, featured. Disclosure.

CAWA Gallery exhibits Artist Mari Sperandio's Surreal and Enigmatic Exhibition

CAWA Gallery holds virtual exhibitions of Independent Artists and because it is virtual, images are gradually inserted. The AS Exhibition 4 PHOTOGRAPHIC STRIPS BY MARI SPERANDIO goes to 09 Nov. Mari Sperandio (1989) is a Brazilian photographer who currently ...

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Work of Marisa Seidel, virtual gallery. Photo: Anderson Farias.

Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery: resignification of everyday objects is the theme of the exhibition “Desk’Artes”

Works by artist Marisa Seidel, transposed to virtual format, passed through Anderson Farias lenses, which made the capture of the images As of this Wednesday (18/08), the Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery invites the public to reflect on a supposed ...

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Rita Sinara. Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition “choose your luck” by artist Rita Sinara

CHOOSE YOUR LUCK Exhibition by Rita Sinara Humid Art presents its new exhibition, "Choose Your Luck", a mystical journey through the life of artist Rita Sinara who celebrates 50 years of life, and 35 years of service as a Priestess, Witch ...

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Virtual Pandemic Exhibition. Disclosure.

Virtual Pandemic Exhibition

Contemporary Art Gallery was born in August 2020 from the meeting of 11 artists working in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais to join hands at a time when the world needed to isolate itself. A ...

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