Flow exposure, by artist Elisa Zattera, is on display at the Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery

Project features images of ten abstract sculptures created by Caxiense


It is now possible to see the works of the work "Flow", artist Elisa Zattera, at Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery by site www.sesc-rs.com.br/galeriavirtual, where another seven are on display exhibitions of gaucho artists. The show features images of ten sculptures, that despite being produced with industrialized materials such as resin, iron, polyurethane and fiberglass, transmit movement and lightness. The works measure from 30 cm a 1,5 m and have abstract character, but it maintains the similarity with the feminine, a recurring theme in Elisa's creative process and artistic production. The exhibition is part of the program of the event Aldeia Sesc, promoted by Sesc Caxias do Sul.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the Universities of Caxias do Sul (UCS), Elisa was a teacher of Art Education in the municipal network for eight years. The artist held several exhibitions, as "Art in the Flower of the Skin", held in 2010 at the Cultural Foundation of Balneário Camboriú, the exhibition “Em Movimento” at the UCS Art Gallery and the exhibition “SOU”, with works by four women sculptors from Caxias do Sul presented at the Art Gallery of Centro Cultural Ordovás, also in Caxias do Sul, in 2016. In 2018, presented “Occult Body” at the Gerd Bornheim Gallery and, the following year, at the IAB-RS in Porto Alegre.

The Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery, which aims to enhance the relationship of the visual arts with different audiences and value the gaucho artists, presents a different exhibition per month until December. With diverse approaches and techniques, each artist shows part of their collection, composing an exhibition with audio description and virtual meetings during the year. like a physical gallery, the virtual space contains several rooms with exhibitions that will be open for visitation until the end of the year, available for access at any time.


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