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Home porch can unite warmth and utility

Businesswoman Priscila Prieto explains that space can be a place to rest, work and leisure

From to pandemic, more welcoming homes that serve different functions have become a priority for the Brazilian population. Balconies have become crucial spaces in these homes., as an alternative to receive people or have a different meal.


Using elements that bring warmth and comfort greatly raise the quality of life, and with the balcony it couldn't be different. According to businesswoman Priscila Prieto, expert Planned Furniture and decoration for apartments, in general, these spaces can have a thousand uses, but, when not in a good mood, are completely useless. “Despite being more external, the veranda is attached to the social spaces, giving a kind of continuity to the rooms and going to the facade”, reveals.

Organizing and decorating this environment is a way to transform the place into a point of support or rest.. For this, the first step is precisely to define the purpose of the balcony. It's a more zen space, for relaxation? Or is it a gourmet sector of the house? The choices start from this definition, from usability as a whole to the small parts that will be part of the project.


Whatever the decision, the decorator recommends using plants. “They are welcome everywhere.. However, it is a fact that, when present on balconies, have an even more special value. This is because they are often spaces that receive direct sunlight., then, become fit to be the abode of many species.”, comments.

In addition, green always gives more charm and beauty, providing a sense of comfort and making everything more intimate. If this is the intention of the resident, betting on indoor vegetation is always an excellent choice. “In case you want to insert plants on your balcony and you have no idea which ones to place, you can bet on lavenders, ferns, daisies, lucky bamboo, cacti, Saint George's sword, boa constrictor, among other ", complete.


Another joker is the carpet. Although many people are not so adept at the item, it plays an important role in bringing an air of comfort, integrating spaces and providing a sense of welcome. At this point, the businesswoman suggests products with organic materials, bringing greater well-being to those who pass by. It is also necessary to keep in mind if the element will be under the sun or the rain, for example. Climatic factors impact this and other decisions about furniture and decorative objects.

If the balcony is compatible, Priscila recommends placing a sofa or at least an armchair. If not feasible, create even a little corner to sit and have a coffee, read or just relax. “Whatever the project, Investing in decorative objects is a good way to give the space more personality and style., with frames, decorative mirrors, glasses, sculptures and whatever else is needed”, highlights.

The expert recommends using creativity to create a space that can provide great moments. “Write down the tips, but don't run away from your style. It is important to remember that your home is your temple.. Therefore, decorate in a way that makes you feel happier and more comfortable”, concludes.

About Priscilla Prieto

is a businesswoman, Specialist in custom furniture and home decor. She teaches and explains how to save and optimize the decoration of an environment, taking into account quality, cost and benefit. Owns two custom furniture stores. For more info, visit @priprieto.

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