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7 decorating tips to improve sleep quality

Architect explains how to set up an insomnia-proof bedroom, an evil that strikes 65% of Brazilians

Bedtime can be a challenge for millions of people.. The moment, it should be rest and relaxation, ends up becoming a anguish for 65% of Brazilians who have sleep-related difficulties.

The answer to the problem may lie not only in traditional and alternative medicine, but also in neuroarquitetura, that applies neuroscience in the construction of spaces so that they please our body and brain.

Everyone knows the recipe for health based on a balanced diet, practice of exercises, calming teas and meditation. But imagine that even the way we arrange our room can directly influence the quality of sleep.

A architect and urban planner Rafaela Costa, project manager at Criere Campinas, explains that the teachings of neuroarchitecture help create an environment conducive to sleep and well-being. "The ilumination, the choice of furniture, of colors, of tissues and even that little mess have an effect on our well-being and directly interfere with the quality of our sleep”, says.

Hit the colors and good night

A comfortable and cozy bedroom to induce sleep should be, in the first place, relaxing. Therefore, the choice of colors is fundamental. the most vibrant, like shades of red and orange, usually give a greater feeling of agitation, therefore they should be avoided.

“Some chromotherapy studies have defined blue as the most relaxing tone. he has relation, including, with a decrease in heart rate. Shades of green are also great options and help to make environments cooler”, teach Rafaela.

The less light, best

The second point to be observed is the lighting. “Just as natural light during the day contributes to our well-being, darkness at night is essential as it helps the body release melatonin, the hormone that tells our body that it's time to sleep. Therefore, bet on curtains that have a blackout effect and use warm lighting, forget the white bulbs”, eastern.

Rafaela says that the diffused light from the lamps and candles also helps to create a welcoming atmosphere when some lighting is needed..

A room that hugs you

Create, in the bedroom, a cozy environment also induces relaxation. “We can use decorative elements with functionality, such as curtains, carpets, bedding, always opting, by fabrics and natural materials. It’s like the environment embraces you”, explains Rafaela.

The choice of mattress and pillow, as well as bed linen, must be done carefully. “Professionals can help choose the ideal pillow according to the way each person sleeps. Invest in a quality mattress, since, we spend most of our day in bed. And the bedding must be, preferably, from natural fabrics, like cotton”, guide specialist.

plants for better sleep

The architect says that, contrary to what many people believe, having plants in the bedroom is not only beneficial, how can it help with bedtime. “They ensure greater humidity and air purification and, consequent, increased oxygen level and decreased heart rate. Among the most recommended species are lavender, lily, gardenia, chlorophytum and jasmine, Enumerates.

Smell of Deep Sleep

A lavender, explains Rafaela, Can also be used as an essential oil, in an infuser, to aromatize the room two hours before bed. “The oil has a calming effect, helps with anxiety and, therefore, I'm not”, complete.

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No one can sleep with noise and, in the big cities, this can be a problem. “Not all houses have soundproof windows. If changing them is not an option, there are curtains that help block outside noise and, at the same time, prevent the entry of light, teaches the architect.

Celular? Far away

The use of electronic devices should be avoided as much as possible in the bedroom.. Therefore, no putting your cell phone to charge on the bedside table. The ideal is to leave the device turned off or in another room in the house..

everything in its place

Tidying and cleaning the room are essential to create a welcoming and relaxing environment.. “Having storage space is ideal to prevent clothes and other objects from being thrown. In addition, a clean room, allergy proof, It is essential for anyone looking for a peaceful sleep”, ends.


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