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The art of Vania Valdo

Vânia Valdo's Artist.

Vânia Valdo's Artist.

The art of Vania Valdo

Vânia Valdo, visual artist, participated in the group exhibition “Chromatic Interventions” in July in Uruguay Space in São Paulo.

His solo exhibition "Multiple Faces" was playing in May and June in Centro Empresarial de São Paulo.

In addition to having participated in several exhibitions in São Paulo and other Brazilian cities, the artist exhibited in Miami, New York, Italy, Louvre Paris, Vienna and Slovakia.

“The art is inside each one of us, with more or less need to be outsourced.

In my case, the painting always accompanies me. I have the constant desire to share my interpretation of the world with oil works, until I feel expressing what I felt and feel, on the visual appeal that the world offers. A lot of art for you!”

Vânia Valdo

Vânia Valdo, a natural star

Explosion of Marilyn Monroe. Pop Art. Photo Disclosure.

Explosion of Marilyn Monroe. Pop Art. Photo Disclosure.

Daughter of Wilma Valdo Lizidatti and Adhemar Valdo born and guided in São Caetano do Sul, State of São Paulo, Vânia Valdo was in his familiar conviviality with art and creativity from childhood. Your mother, Mrs. Wilma, always displayed to friends real inventiveness! Ambientava any spaces, (rooms from home) taking advantage of the formation of unusual elements, about how to position objects and tools that easily would be ignored, decorating a wall, for example, or styling niches and etc. Thus, all in the eyes of Mrs. Wilma, win new decorative function. The ingenuity of his own being, overflowing.

Vanya had the creation of childhood and youth, not only in traditional small town family (until then), but he lived a whole panorama of odd-numbered values related to posture, education and kindness, among other traits that honor his strong personality and human values.

Had children, and if called by own taxes. Became one of Brazil's most respected references in the health sector as a specialist in orthodontics and functional Orthotics JAWS.

His competence as a fatally led to professional media interested in disclosing the news that technological advancement provides the industry. Updates that it exposes so didactic and understandable to all.

Facing the Jaguar Green. Photo Disclosure.

Facing the Jaguar Green. Animals. Photo Disclosure.

Vanya follows in demanding profession of fine movements thorough and perfect, and has the expertise to look at the human face with refinement in the observation. Vânia just longs for harmony, and says that ' look ' to the Visual arts sector. The artist arrives at oil screens with expressive and inevitable advantage, given journey of life.

In his own words, to (Surgeon) Vânia Valdo has, When looking at a face, some frantic search for adequate harmony. Conceptual beauty never, but the proportional set… Says that fleeting momentum of emergency repair the failures to invade the creative heart of urgency. So, Vânia no longer can abandon the art!

As we all know, It's a one-way street what draws the ink, varnish, and passion.

With the art that flows from their experienced hands, guided by the paths of emotion and relief, Vânia presents lovers of artistic expressions with high level of depth.

Finally, all we wish to our senses.

The junction of the factors ' living with art and refinement ', ' accurate observation ', ' great fine movements’ and the charisma of his personality, inevitably led her to be the great artist that is.

Vânia Valdo has a captivating vitality, a look that romance life smooth way, even in the face of annoyances and difficulties compels us. Vânia Valdo, the untamed Lady, carrying a incomparable elegance, sympathy couldn't refuse, wit necessary, and sublime lightness.

Playful Diptych. Photo Disclosure.

Playful Diptych – exposed in the Louvre. Photo Disclosure.

It is seen in his works specious questions, what she shelters in pure love to life, the indelible presence of an artistic OASIS.

Olivia Leandrini – essay


“The work of a painter is, first and foremost, the mirror of your character, personality and experience, from the first moment of creation.

The value of the artist's own experiences arising from the, as much as vital cultural, of knowledge and contacts with people from its near surroundings and occasional.”

Consciously or unconsciously, use your imagination and creative ability, no doubt, are influenced by the worldview, and determine the birth of each work. The beautiful artwork of Vanya Valdo, particularly, is a bold person, Creative, in love with light and its forms, optimistic and lover of joy.”

Carmen Inn – Curator

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