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The era of narrowing between birth and death

“We waste time playing a reality to justify the loneliness”, says Fabiano de Abreu.

The writer, philosopher, researcher and SEO in a social media company Fabiano de Abreu spoke about the era of narrowing between birth and death because, him though, We waste time playing a reality to justify the loneliness.

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“We lost time publishing on the Internet what I call: “mask of a perfect social life”, which is what we want to convey to society with an acceptance purpose, por Country? Because we are alone. In short waste time playing a reality to escape the evil that plagues mankind, the loneliness. And if we think that when we die all this will fall by the wayside, it was all in vain, we realize how much we waste time on frivolous things while we could be watching the best that life has and can provide us.” said writer.

"I posted this observation and a famous model said: 'I think what makes us happy is what matters. In other words, makes me happy staying posting, It makes me happy to be loving and be a visual publishing on the Internet '. There perceptions that are not debatable and that is within reason. If a woman dresses well for your husband or your family, it would not publish a social network for all to see. Therefore no other explanation to the social network other than the need to be seen by society. If it makes you happy it does not matter because the person is based on the possibility of being noticed. But in fact it is a loneliness behind a machine. In other words, is a need. Who has a full happiness have time to be on social media posting? Or culture is transferring all?”, asks the expert.

Fabiano de Abreu reiterates his perception that social media is only for those who want to be seen and who wants to be shown: "This is a fact! The person creates circumstances, situations and just put what is happy. Social media is the idea that the person wants to show the world to see it. That his life is beautiful, wonderful and perfect. This is social media, being that the social culture is causing this is a must. People who did not have needs to be seen end up surrendering to social media because it has become a cultural obligation. As if you were outside society. So what's all this resulting? In a complete solitude. And when the person realize life has passed and she devoted her time to breathe, to be able to watch, to be able to realize, in order to have knowledge and not be locked into a single reality ".

"This cultural need of social media to me is dangerous and the future can be very dangerous. We can be mad as machines. So we have to think of all this as the exaggeration is not good at all. Even water if you drink excessively is not good. Everything in life needs a middle ground, as well as the internet. This is resulting in a tragic future of loneliness and even an anti-procreation. We are losing nature. The technology away the human nature, but nature is where we came from. move away from it is to lose the identity and start a countdown to the end ", alerts the writer, philosopher and historical researcher.

"From the moment that we do not notice the nature and do not take care of it, we end up with her and she end up not live, not breathe, We not eat and will be the end of humanity. This is the theory, but and what their solution? The solution lies in education. It is educating children to learn to differentiate, moderate to know, cause this to be moderate mode. But we demented humans in the future ", Finalizes Fabiano de Abreu.

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