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Alliance Française receives adaptation of "A Passion in the Desert", by Balzac

Alliance Française receives adaptation of "A Passion in the Desert", by Balzac

The monologue will be presented free of charge, in French, and is part of
commemorative programming of 130 years of the Alliance Française

A Passion in the desert BalzacThe Alliance Française presents at on wednesday, 27, às 19h30, Botafogo, and on Thursday, 28, in Tijuca, also at 7:30 pm, the adaptation of the text "A passion in the desert", of Honoré de Balzac.

Directed by Brigitte Bentolila and performance of Antonio Manso, the CLA. Noir sur Blanc presents a free adaptation of the text by Balzac.

Published on Revista de Paris, in December 1830, the monologue tells of journey, wanderings, loneliness, and how man will fear to seduction, of fidelity to the greatest of betrayals.

The story talks about the relationship between a soldier and a Panther. He, lost in the desert find refuge in a cave and manages to tame a Panther by which feels some form of love. As the only company in the desert, the man project human emotions on beast, with people who live in harmony. One day, However, a brusque gesture gives you the impression that the animal will devour him and he stabs. He realizes belatedly that the gesture was a sign of affection on the part of the animal.

About the Alliance Française

The French Alliance celebrates 130 years of activities in Brazil 2015. Besides being a reference in the language, she is, no doubt, the most respected institution and known the world, when it comes to the spread of the French language and Francophone cultures. She has, currently, more than 850 units 135 countries, where they study about 500.000 students. In France, it has schools and cultural centers for foreign students. Brazil has the world's largest network of French Alliances with 40 associations and 69 units.

It is the only institution in Brazil authorized by the Embassy of France, to apply the tests that give access to international diplomas DELF and DALF, recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. The French Alliance is also the center of official exams for the application of international tests valid for two years TCF (The French Knowledge Test) and TEF (French Assessment Test) and the national test valid for one year Capes (recognized by agencies CAPES and CNPq MEC). The French Alliance in Brazil develops partnerships with numerous French and Brazilian companies as well as being an essential actor Franco-Brazilian cultural dialogue.


A passion in the desert

In French, no translation

Date: on wednesday, 27 de Mayo, às 19h30

Botafogo auditorium of the Alliance Française

Rua Muniz Barreto, 730, Botafogo

Date: Thursday, 28 de Mayo, às 19h30

Auditorium of the Alliance Française of Tijuca

Rua Andrade Neves, 315, Tijuca


Free entry

Removal of passwords 1 hour before the event

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