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Our Corner. Photo Credit: Doreen Marques.

Students of the project Our Corner in the shrine of our Lady of Mount Carmel

Choristers of the project Our Corner make concert this Sunday, at 3:0 pm, in the shrine of our Lady of Mount Carmel. The presentation gathers 220 students of the regional administrations Santa Felicidade, Boqueirão, Cajuru, Boa Vista and Pinheirinho under the Regency of his teachers, members of the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba and guidance of Mara Fields.

The program counts with a varied repertoire and predominantly Brazilian. Among the composers, John Leavick, G. F. Haendel, C. Saint-Saens, Songs of South Africa, the most expected bring the interaction of groups and are most popular, such as: ' Turn Turned Kleiton and Kledir ' and ' Nastalino ' Ana Yara Batuque Fields.

Second Mara Fields, the conductor of the choir of the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba and the project presentation means the consolidation of the work done in class. “Beyond the moment of celebration is a time for sharing with the public and strengthening the practice held during the year, says Mara.

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Historical – In the Regional project has taken on a life of Boqueirão, with about of 3 1000 students watched in these 14 years, Today "our Corner" is integrated with various community organisations. Weekly presentations are held in churches, classes in health clinics, psychiatric hospitals and drug addicts.

From the second half of 2015, our Corner arrived at Regionals the Santa Felicidade campus, Pinheirinho and Boa Vista and Cajuru to offer classes with tutors of the choir of the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba and supervision of Regent Mara Fields.

The mastermind of the project, and the regional advisor, Eli Siliprandi, explains that classes are for music education, but also for discovering new talent. "Many students who passed through here in music, and continue his studies in the area ", Eli account.

There are many improvements that the teaching of choral provides, explains the regional advisor Pinheirinho Sidney Gomes, "in school we are working hard to the collective construction, eum ´ moment the individual sees himself as part of something bigger. Also encourages the exchange of musical knowledge, enabling through history, access to songs that not come the student otherwise ", care Sidney.

Another point emphasized by Fernando Klemann, Regional Advisor Santa Felicidade, was the family's accession course. "Normally the mother alone and then bring the kids and the husband to do the course also, This generates a interaction and amazing family Union. It is very interesting! ”, Watch Fernando.

Workshop participants of vocal technique have lessons on physiology of voice, taxes and speaking, among other issues.


Presentation of Our Coral Corner
Sunday, day 29 at 3:0 pm
Shrine of our Lady of Mount Carmel
Av. Bad. Floriano Peixoto, 8520 -Hauer

Regents: Eli Siliprandi, Fernando Klemann, Alexander Mousquer, Sidney Gomes and Alhaji Sant'Anna


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