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Mom. Photo: Disclosure.
Mom. Photo: Disclosure.

Mother's love is medicine that heals soul wounds, states psychoanalyst

Philosopher and psychoanalyst Fabiano de Abreu points out the importance of mother's love for different situations in the lives of children.

There is a love in the mother like no other. A feeling so strong that there are no words with the right strength to describe it.

The philosopher, psychoanalyst and specialist in studies of the human mind Fabiano de Abreu describes it as: “a unique feeling that is only explained when transcribed by those who actually lived it who, so rare and unique, can only be revealed through the intervention of those who cognitively experienced this feeling at some time in their lives, the mother.”.

For the philosopher only those who go through the whole process can understand its dimension. It is one of the cases in which the experience of living is the key to its comprehension in its entirety. Because this experience is done for two, for months on end, growing and feeling together, mother and son, two bodies in one.

“Who was not a mother cannot define an idea or approximate what this feeling really is, since, we only know the senses that we feel or it will be just a mere imagination without meaning.”, explains Abreu.

“The understanding of the generated being is in the nuances of a knowledge that comes from within, of pregnancy, where the mother feeds and provides what is necessary for the new existence. In mothers of adopted children, nourish the efforts that produce the hormones of satisfaction and make the other the target of your care and love, wanting to give the best today and tomorrow.”, adds the psychoanalyst.

There is no safer port than a mother's lap, be it in your arms when you are little or in your infinite love that surrounds us forever. The mother is synonymous with purity of feeling, of those that just increase from day to day.

“When the soul is hurt, we can seek the remedy for relief in the world, we will have advice and thoughts that comfort the pain but it's in the mother, that we find the will of those who really want good, no exchanges, purposeless, without reasons and with a single meaning, the true love, unique and indeterminable. “, declares Abreu.

The mother is indispensable, irreplaceable, “The one who knows us within the soul from birth to development. One who knows what was born and what has changed and who manages with a broad and clean vision to provide the lightness that holds us in conscience to find peace. “.

The mother is a balance in our life, she is the point of balance, the feeling that overlaps and makes life hotter.

“The mother's emotion can distort the reason for the kind of suffering that hurt her son's soul. But this cannot be used as repulsion but as a balance scale since the total coldness of reason can hurt emotion and this in turn fuels satisfaction for happiness. “, refers the philosopher.

We have the networks of life in our mothers, who love and cushion falls and disappointments, we have the door always open and understanding in just one look.

As Abreu points out, “We find in the love of the mother the remedy of the lightness of true love. Of that love that we can count with our eyes closed, no exchanges. It's jumping off a cliff and knowing that it will be there to hold. Even if the mother's emotion does not argue strategies to solve a problem for lack of reason. It serves to make you see in emotion, so that the reason is used in the balance making the chances for the solution increase.”

The mother is not exaggeration is love without measure. For her we will always be a small helpless being even when they already know all our strength. The mother always protects, vibrates with our achievements but always waits for us to return home because there is this invisible umbilical cord that unites them to their children for eternity.

“Do not see in the mother someone exaggerated who does not understand anything. See in the mother someone who loves you as well as anyone and who will bring solutions through the concerns that reveal in your well being. And when the world turns its back, the mother will be facing and with open arms to welcome and feed because she was only born to survive. And to conclude, let's not forget that if we are here reading this text, it is because we had a mother who suffered for nine months so that we could be born and still took care of us after birth.”, concludes.


Fabiano de Abreu is a member of Mensa, association of the world's smartest people based in England achieving the highest IQ recorded with 99 percentile which is equivalent in numeral to an IQ above 180. Specialist studies of the human mind, is a member and partner of CPAH - Heráclito Research and Analysis Center, with headquarters in Portugal and units in Brazil and the Netherlands.

Specialist studies of the human mind, Fabiano de Abreu's primary objective is to reach the psyche through matter. Abreu has the deep conviction that everything in life has an explanation and a final reason within a determined logical reasoning. As referred, “Through reasons there is only one reason that prevails and in the absence of consensus, statistics find the solution.”.

Based on this thinking, is dedicated to the study of neuroscience that together with neuroplasticity tries to understand psychoanalysis. There is a whole that is necessary to study and conjugate to understand our personality. This, included from food to behaviors determined through ethics and morals. The purpose is to find ways to improve our well-being. Created the theory of ‘Psychoconstruction – Human mind architecture’ where I concluded the existence of a primitive mind printed from the pituitary in the sphenoid. His studies find techniques to solve or alleviate behavioral and personality problems.

Created philosophical poems for schools in Minas Gerais for students who were not interested in learning philosophy. “Just like funk doesn't come out of the head because of the rhyme, the rhyme facilitates the absorption of philosophical knowledge since, it contains the emotional ingredient for mental storage.”. Record holder in the creation of characters for the press, pointed philosophy as responsible for creativity since, before creating a character, he does what he calls ‘soul mapping’ to create ‘intellectual property’ that draws the attention of the journalist and the public. His books were donated to universities and libraries in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Paraguay and Spain. Dedicates part of his life to the free production of content that contributes to social comfort. It has columns in the largest resilience and human portals in Lusophone that add up to more than 100 millions of followers on their social networks.


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Mini CV

Fabiano de Abreu – Psychoanalyst, neuropsisanalista, poet, philosopher and journalist
Registry 0.0543 0 Brazilian Society of Clinical Psychoanalysis and CBPC
Registro Intel Reseller Tecnology – Technology Specialist: 10381444
FENAJ Registration: 0035228/RJ
IFJ International Journalist Registration: BR16791
Member Mensa number: 1625BR
Curriculum as a researcher: lattes.cnpq.br/1428461891222558
Certificate in Neuroscience and Psychology – Udemy
Specialization in Neuroplasticity with Gregory Caremans – Na Brain Academy – London
Specialization in Philosophy in the History of La Ética course at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
MBA in Self-Realization, Purpose and Meaning of Life by PUC RS

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